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Our path has a clear destination

A sustainably successful future requires that we ensure our competitiveness. To achieve this, during the past fiscal year we worked intensively on our strategy. After all, we will have to respond to numerous changes in our core businesses over the coming years.

For example, several systems of the Swiss Armed Forces, which are still part of our business activities today, will soon be decommissioned.  They are only being replaced in small numbers, but the new systems will be more specialized and equipped with new technologies. For us, this  means: less turnover with higher requirements. In addition, our customers increasingly expect individual services and improvements in efficiency.

We have taken significant steps to evolve from a traditional defense contractor into a holistic security company and are doing everything we  can to establish ourselves as a life-cycle center, an innovation and technology service provider and a security platform. Our aim is to expand  our existing and replacement business, bring about progressive cultural change at all levels and expand our competencies in a targeted manner. We are therefore promoting a creative, innovative and bold culture based on trust as well as ethically correct and compliant  behavior.

RUAG is changing and will continue to develop, always with the aim of ensuring its main mission for the Swiss Armed Forces – which at the  same time benefits the Swiss Security Network.