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A sustainable infrastructure for our future

Since December 2020, we have been part of the “Exemplary Energy and Climate” initiative of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Our goal is to support the Energy Strategy 2050 with innovative and exemplary measures. In the area of work equipment and infrastructure in particular, we will work to promote energy efficiency and climate protection. During 2021, we have therefore developed a variety of solutions to make our contribution.

Since February 2021, we have been generating our energy entirely from renewable resources, specifically from certified Swiss hydropower and  solar power, which we generate at our sites in Bern and Emmen, among others. Four new photovoltaic plants are planned in Emmen, Lodrino  and Thun, and further sites are currently being identified. By 2026, we want to produce 1,600 MWH/a of our own solar power – equivalent to the  annual electricity requirements of around 450 households.

We also want to set an example in the areas of decarbonization and e-mobility: We replaced the first outdated oil-fired heating system at the  Thun site with a wood-pellet heating system, subsequently saving approximately 145,000 liters of heating oil per year. This is equivalent to  seven tanker trucks or 912 barrels of oil. We have also expanded our vehicle fleet with new electric cars including charging stations. Over the  next three years, we will replace 80 percent of the pool vehicles with electric models and install additional charging stations at all locations.

These various measures are already having an effect: We were able to reduce our CO2 consumption by an additional 20 percent. This is more  than was envisaged in the “Exemplary Energy and Climate” target agreement.