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Sustainable solutions for our security mission

As a company with a demanding security mission, technological innovations are of great strategic importance to us. We are committed to providing answers to new crisis scenarios with future-proof solutions and services.

In order to promote technological progress in a targeted manner, we defined focus topics last year, based on which we launched projects with  relevant future technologies. We generally distinguish between two approaches: One is promoting the further development of our existing  business and developing new models within it. The second focuses on innovations, new products and new business models. This involves  research and development topics, evaluation of new and growing technologies, and relationship management with universities, start-ups, and  other important/significant stakeholders.

For us, innovation means not only the development of new solutions from existing key technologies, but also the development of new  platforms: Among other things, we are testing new business models that enable our customers to benefit from the latest technologies and services. We see great potential for us in this area, as we are very broadly based, well networked and very well positioned.

Digitalization helps to implement our corporate strategy. With diverse digital solutions, we empower our employees to perform their jobs and tasks in the best possible way.

To ensure that we can keep pace operationally with the high demands we place on ourselves in the future, we are constantly working on culture change: Quick decisions, a lot of courage and the right amount of initiative are just some of the factors that will be very important for us in the coming years.