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Waste as fuel

Circular Industries is a clean-tech company that develops new biochemical and catalytic procedures to manufacture sustainable substances using common biological by-products.

Circular Industries has developed a new procedure to produce sustainable aviation fuel from local waste materials. This will make a decisive contribution to the climate-neutrality of the economy while reducing the fuel import-dependence of countries such as Switzerland.

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Hydrogen savings

Considerably less green hydrogen is required compared to other procedures. Reducing the quantity required of this valuable substance means lower production costs, thereby promoting the establishment of sustainable aviation fuel. This is of benefit to the environment and to society as a whole.

Valuable by-product

Valuable pharmaceutical-grade glycerin is created as a by-product of the process developed by Circular Industries. In comparable procedures, this takes the form of low-grade propane.

Local waste as a raw material

The procedure developed by Circular Industries makes it possible to produce sustainable aviation fuel from common and locally-available waste material. This facilitates domestic production and takes recycling into account.


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Robin Senn
Business Development Manager Air
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen
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The Swiss Air Force must achieve tangible CO2 goals by 2030. Consequently, the definition and assurance of the implementation of solutions are priorities of the Swiss Federal Council. The unique technology presented here (highly-efficient and effective waste-to-fuel process) completely supports the ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 in comparison to 2001, as announced in the “Federal Administration Climate Deal” of July 3, 2019 and recently confirmed in the “Armed Forces Communication 2021” by Federal Councilor Viola Amherd on February 18, 2021. It is in line with the DDPS strategy paper entitled “Energy Environmental Dossier”, which reiterates the need to implement innovations and flagship projects with a wide-reaching impact, as well as with the “Strategic Goals of the Federal Council for BGRB Holding AG in the period 2020-2023” document dated October 23, 2019, which prescribes a sustainable and environmentally-friendly orientation for all associated companies.

The new procedure transforms organic waste containing fat in to kerosene (85% recovery) and medical-grade glycerin. In comparison to other processes, this green-tech procedure is more efficient due to a much lower consumption of hydrogen. Furthermore, the by-product – medical-grade glycerin – can be sold or used (e.g. by the army’s pharmacy, etc.). The system can be incorporated into a RUAG container or caverns or can be used in the field. This procedures re-establishes Swiss independence with regard to aviation fuel while also promoting the climate goals of both Switzerland and the Swiss Armed Forces by saving more than 3 tonnes of  CO2 per tonne of output. Thanks to the team’s experience, know-how and previous work in this domain, the technology is ready for use.