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Design machines and maintain their value as an industrial painter

Are you practically gifted with a sense for color design? With us, you will learn to design and maintain machines of all kinds. An industrial painter is responsible for protecting the surfaces of machines that are exposed to heavy loads in everyday industrial life.

If you enjoy maintaining the value of machines in the long term and designing their appearance, then an apprenticeship at RUAG is right for you. Our industrial painters coat the surfaces of a wide variety of machine parts and equipment, protecting them from rust or mechanical damage.

Key points of your apprenticeship at RUAG


Your apprenticeship will last 3 years. During this time, you will learn everything you need to know to become an industrial painter.


For this apprenticeship, you must have an affinity for craftsmanship, a practical aptitude and a good sense of color.

Future opportunities

The following options are available to you after completion of your apprenticeship with us: Industrial paint technician with federal Professional Certificate, HF Color Design Technician Graduate or a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.


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6032 Emmen

Industrial painter EFZ [Swiss certificate of competence]

Industrial painters coat the surfaces of machine parts, equipment and other industrially manufactured products made of metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper and textiles. This protects the items from rust, mechanical damage and rot. Furthermore, the coating serves to improve the appearance, refine and maintain the value of the products. As you can see, this profession allows you to design machines while maintaining their value.

Industrial painters prepare the material using various techniques. As part of the process, they level out unevenness with a spatula, sand surfaces or wash them with degreasing agents. Other treatment methods include phosphating, chromating or sandblasting.

They apply paint with a spray gun and occasionally by dipping or brushing. Depending on the intended use, the parts are coated, fired or labeled with foils differently. After their work, industrial painters clean the equipment and recycle or dispose of the waste properly. At work, our industrial painters always comply with safety, fire protection and environmental regulations. Working at RUAG is therefore extremely varied and sustainable.

What we offer you

During your training, you will calculate material requirements, provide the necessary goods and mix color shades. Surfaces that must remain paint-free are covered with adhesive tape, plastic film or foam. After that, the paint is applied. A respirator, gloves and hearing protection are always used at work to protect yourself from harmful and toxic substances.

What you should bring with you

You have completed compulsory school with the basic requirements and have manual skills and a good practical understanding. You also have a sense of color. It is also important that you have a healthy respiratory system and no known allergies to solvents or other chemicals.  

Duration of apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship at RUAG will last 3 years

vocational training location

  • Emmen
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