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National Future Day

We are pleased to have welcomed numerous young students on National Future Day. They seized the opportunity and were able to take a look over their parents’ or relatives’ shoulders, sit down in an office chair for once instead of at their desk at school or take part in activities in the workshop.

The students spent an exciting day at various RUAG sites experiencing a wide variety of activities and highlights that they will hopefully remember for years to come.

What is National Future Day?

Future Day gives young students the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes. Employees can introduce the various facets of our company to girls and boys from their area in grades 5 to 7.  The main idea is for the young people to accompany their reference person. In keeping with the motto "Changing Pages," the teenagers will learn about different fields of work and areas of activity.

Kinder am Zukunftstag Bern 2022