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We ensure the availability and performance of air systems.

Extensive Support for Air Systems

Modern air forces need their systems to provide outstanding availability and performance – it is the only way to ensure missions are completed successfully. In its role as a technology partner, RUAG maintains and repairs planes and helicopters, while also guaranteeing comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle.

The deployment capability of planes and helicopters is the key to any successful mission. There is simply no room for compromise. To meet their security obligations, armed forces rely on high-performance air defense systems that provide outstanding availability at all times. As a technology partner and the materials, technology, and logistics center of the Swiss Air Force, RUAG guarantees the maximum availability of plane and helicopter fleets throughout their entire life cycle.

RUAG as a material competence center

Life-cycle Management

Our comprehensive service portfolio ranges from evaluation and final assembly to the resale of systems at the end of their life cycle. Fleet management, engineering, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), upgrades, and modernization are the core of our system of life-cycle management. By focusing on selected platforms, we are able to achieve economies of scale and, as a result, invest in innovative technologies and processes. Our customers benefit from our broad expertise and a unique service portfolio at favorable conditions.

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Life-cycle Management im Bereich Air

Our Life-Cycle Management Divisions

Our Competencies in the Air Systems Division

Our core competencies include repair and maintenance, modernization and upgrades, as well as system development and integration. At the heart of our first-class service portfolio are our highly specialized engineers, technicians, mechanics, and test pilots, all of whom bring valuable expertise and experience to the table. And it is our customers who reap the rewards, in the form of fast turnaround times and air systems that provide optimum availability and a longer than average service life.


Repair and Maintenance

We perform regular repairs and maintenance to guarantee the maximum availability of plane and helicopter fleets throughout their entire life cycle.

Modernization and Upgrades

When it comes to modernization and upgrades, our customers benefit from the experience we have built up over many years as the materials, technology, and logistics center of the Swiss Air Force.

System Development and Integration

We continually invest in innovative technologies and processes for developing customized systems – and our customers reap the rewards.

Self-protection Systems and Test Equipment

Regardless of whether it is a military operation or humanitarian deployment in a conflict zone, self-protection systems can be essential for survival during military and civilian missions. For decades, air forces all over the world have been putting their trust in RUAG's reliable and efficient self-protection solutions. RUAG also provides innovative test equipment that enables crews to quickly and reliably verify that their self-protection system is functioning correctly at any time.


Aerodynamic properties such as air resistance or uplift are crucial factors in the safe and efficient deployment of aircraft and vehicles. In our wind tunnels we carry out comprehensive aerodynamic analyses and research for customers in aerospace and industry.
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We work together with our US subsidiary RUAG Inc. to ensure the reliable supply of spare parts and comprehensive procurement and logistics support. At the same time, we are able to guarantee optimum spare part availability and minimal storage costs. As a partner to a large number of renowned aircraft, system, and component vendors, we support operators of many different types of aircraft.
Training Maintenance Check Flights

Maintenance Check Flights

Maintenance check flights (MCFs) are of the utmost importance for the safety of all aircraft and helicopters. They serve to test functions, which can only be checked during actual flights. MCFs are time-intensive, demanding and subject to strict processes. The experienced specialists in our licensed center of excellence guarantee that maintenance check flights and training sessions will be impartial and qualified. As a part 21J EASA design organization with our own flight testing operation, we meet all the requirements set out by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.
UAS Landing Air OPATS

OPATS – the Landing Aid for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Effective, strategic missions involving unmanned aerial vehicles require both outstanding technology and cutting-edge development. In the interest of enhanced operational flexibility, RUAG has developed the OPATS (Object Position and Tracking System) automatic landing system for UAVs. This system continually monitors the position of a UAV, so it can be installed, operated, and maintained easily and cost-effectively.
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With our efficient engineering services and expertise we guarantee that your systems preserve their value. We ensure secure and efficient operation over the longest possible service life.

Your Swiss calibration specialist

Your test equipment is our core competence. We calibrate, adjust and repair your testing and measuring equipment. Trust our expertise in monitoring and managing your equipment and make room for your core business. We offer years of experience as a certified and accredited Swiss calibration center.