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Intelligent water saving

Gjosa is a water-tech company that believes in technology as a force for good. As water is one of the most precious resources on our planet, they work towards creating a world where every drop is used efficiently.

As an innovation company, they are using technology to find ingenious ways to protect water as the vital resource it is. With their team of multidisciplinary experts and their entrepreneurial mindset, they develop effective ways of significantly reducing water and energy consumption in different sectors. The goal is to empower people to take action and participate in building a more sustainable future. Therefore, this technology provides a sustainable and innovative shower system with a high efficiency.

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Emotional Experiences

They put people at the center of everything they do. So they ensure that the emotional experiences they create inspire and encourage people to take the next sustainability leap.

Innovation with Purpose

The innovative technology is purpose-driven and disruptive by nature. In an ever-changing world, this new meaningful technology helps people, organizations, and businesses grow.

Sustainable Responsibility

At Gjosa, they carefully consider how every choice we make benefits a more sustainable future for the coming generations. Acknowledging global societal challenges related to water stress, they are committed to their mission.
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Madeline Amrein
Innovation Manager
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen
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Gjosa empowers people to have an impact on the environment with a simple daily gesture. With a one-of-a-kind sustainable shower system, they fractionate the water droplets to produce a tonic, high-speed and water-saving jet. 

With efficient and science-based solutions, Gjosa can adapt to different organizations and contexts. Thanks to a unique customer experience, the jet ensures a comfortable sensation while preserving up to 65% water compared to a standard showerhead. Saving such a significant amount of water is possible because of the innovant Gjosa technology. The Jet-Fusion® technology, with a high-velocity principle that fragments droplets, ensures a sensation of comfort and tonicity. In the end, the environmental impact is significant, preserving water and energy, thus reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

High Precision Technology

Jet-Fusion® and its huge-velocity principle that fragments droplets ensures an efficient shower routine while using less water.

Tonic Jet

Thanks to its patented technology, Gjosa provides an energetic flow of water. The jet delivers a unique tonicity when in contact with the skin.

Comforting Sensation

The Tonic jet provides an enveloping sensation, thus allowing a new showering experience and a unique well being feeling.