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Sensor-based maintenance concepts

Modern maintenance concepts identify optimized maintenance times based on sensor data and digital analytics. The key element for this is the meaningful data collected on the system condition and system use. This data is aggregated using a sensor module and securely forwarded for further evaluation.

Optimized, planned maintenance results in increased system availability. With analytics-based maintenance approaches, also known as "predictive maintenance," this can be optimized using statistical methods or artificial intelligence.

The basis for this is meaningful data. This data is collected in the newly developed module using select sensors and read out securely at predefined positions via a wireless connection.

As part of the current innovation project, RUAG and its innovation partner CSA Engineering AG are verifying the feasibility of data aggregation using system-independent, secured sensors for "predictive maintenance."


Comprehensive collection of maintenance-relevant data using select sensors.

Wireless and secure

Wireless, secure read-out of sensor data at predefined points (edge locations).

Easy installation

Easy, external installation without the need for adjustments to the vehicle.


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