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Highest levels of performance and intuitive handling with the COBRA mortar system

Indirect fire systems offer the best balance between firepower and flexibility. The ability to operate these weapon systems quickly and easily when exposed to any conditions can make the difference in combat situations. COBRA, the cutting-edge 120-mm mortar system developed by RUAG, boasts incredible firepower and intuitive handling. Crews can rely on the system with absolute confidence and focus all their attention on the mission.

Systems that are intuitive and easy to use in any circumstances can make the difference. The COBRA mortar system sets a new standard. COBRA can be easily integrated into existing platforms and the electric drive ensures that the mortar can always be positioned quickly and accurately.

Brochure COBRA Mortar System
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An overview of the advantages of the mortar system

Cobra_Konzentration aufs Wesentliche

Focusing on the essentials

Intuitive usability and automatic loading mean the operator can focus on the essentials. The COBRA mortar system has built-in protection against operating errors and double loading systems at night or in extreme weather.

Easy integration

The compact design is user-friendly and allows for easy integration in a wide range of different vehicle types. This makes the COBRA mortar system a flexible artillery system that meets the strategic requirements of modern armed forces. Interfaces for a wide range of guidance and communication systems guarantee the future viability of the mortar system.
RUAG COBRA Ausbildung

Integrierted training

RUAG offers an individually-designed training concept for the operating team of the COBRA mortar system. Soldiers can acquire the practical knowledge skills they need over a short training period.


André Müller
BID Manager
Allmendstrasse 86
3600 Thun

Outstanding firepower

Controlling the COBRA mortar system is intuitive, fast and precise. The system's automatic loading system allows for fast and precise loading, even in extreme weather conditions. The electric drive is a key advantage. It ensures precise target detection and high firing accuracy. It means that the mortar can always be positioned quickly and accurately. The automated alignment system ensures maximum precision when firing the 120 mm ammunition. The ballistic calculator allows for ‘multiple rounds simultaneous impact’ (MRSI) firing.


Further advantages of RUAG's COBRA mortar system

RUAG COBRA - Zuverlässig
RUAG COBRA is characterized by absolute reliability.
The compact design allows for easy integration.
RUAG COBRA - Integrierbar in unterschiedliche Fahrzeuge
RUAG COBRA can be integrated into a wide range of vehicles.
Cobra_Sichere Ladung
RUAG COBRA protects users with a safe loading system.


André Müller
BID Manager
Allmendstrasse 86
3600 Thun

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