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TPH900 Akkupoint single compartment charger

TPH900 Akkupoint single compartment charger

Shop Chargers TPH900 TPH900 Akkupoint single compartment charger

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Item No. 2582.0462

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TPH900 Einfachladegerät Akkupoint

Product details


nicht verfügbar


Product description

AKKUPOINT / POLYCOM / TETRAPOL / charger for TPH900. The charger station includes:
- Power adapter 12 V 4 A (non-original)
- Additional slot for replacement battery
- Reset function
- USB 2.1 output
- Internal thread on the underside for fastening the charger
Modular (not electrically connected)
Weight: approx. 900 grams
Dimensions: approx. 14.5 x 11.8 x 6.3 cm

Product features

End of sales >2021
Usermanual Ladegerät zu POLYCOM TPH900
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