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SFAO confirms: Important RUAG data securely transferred

07.06.2021 – As part of the unbundling of the former RUAG Group, the separation of the ICT environment played a predominant role. The aim was to completely physically separate the old corporate ICT infrastructure. According to the current audit report of the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO), the ICT migration of RUAG Ltd was achieved with the "IT cutover" in April 2020 and the data of RUAG Ltd was successfully transferred to the network perimeter of the Armed Forces Command Support Organisation (FUB).


Successful transfer of data

In connection with the unbundling of the former RUAG Group, the "MRO in the FUB" project was central. Specifically, the aim was to transfer RUAG Ltd data securely and comprehensibly to the ICT infrastructure of the FUB. The corresponding work for RUAG Real Estate was planned from the outset for a second work step. During implementation, the work at the Technical Scientific Infrastructures TWI also had to be postponed to a second work step due to the complexity.

The current SFAO audit report shows that RUAG MRO Holding Ltd completed the IT cutover at the end of April 2020 and successfully completed the first work step of the unbundling overall in June 2020. Accordingly, RUAG Ltd's infrastructure and applications have been transferred in full to the FUB network perimeter. The transfer of the data was monitored and the results were meticulously recorded. In addition, the report confirms that further important aspects for increasing information security were developed through numerous follow-up projects. As a result, RUAG MRO Holding Ltd achieved a sustainable improvement in this area.

In a second work step, RUAG MRO Holding Ltd is working on deleting all critical data at RUAG International Holding Ltd. For this purpose, a seamlessly linked project for data cleansing was initialized as part of the second work step of the unbundling process. A multi-stage control mechanism ensures the quality of the implementation.

Security matters

The complex and time-intensive data transfer required exceptional performance from everyone involved. Data security is an absolute priority for RUAG MRO Holding Ltd. After all, as the future-oriented technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, the company has a far-reaching security policy mandate and makes a significant contribution to Switzerland's security. 

The IT security audit of RUAG MRO Holding Ltd took place between 19 October and 20 November 2020. The security requirements of the Confederation and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) served as basis.

The former RUAG Group was organizationally and legally unbundled into two independent companies at the beginning of 2020: RUAG International Holding Ltd and RUAG MRO Holding Ltd. RUAG MRO Holding Ltd combines RUAG Ltd, whose main customer is the Swiss Armed Forces, and other subsidiaries such as RUAG Real Estate Ltd.


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