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RUAG Innovation Award

For sovereign security – Security and stability are among Switzerland’s greatest achievements. Security is the basis for carrying Switzerland's success into the future. That is why we encourage young talents to explore practice-relevant issues from a scientific standpoint before rewarding outstanding final papers – dealing with security and the sovereignty of Switzerland – with the RUAG Innovation Award.

We see the process of conveying knowledge and skills to young experts as a means of assuming our socio-political responsibility, working together to ensure sovereign security – long into the future. One way of aspiring to achieve this is with the RUAG Innovation Award:  Every year, a prize of 1000 Swiss francs is awarded to the best thesis in a technical field of study at each university.


Professors from the 15 universities selected evaluate a potential winner for each university and notify us of their decision. We select the winners per university with prize money of 1000 francs per work and the RUAG Innovation Award.


Each participating university composes its own jury, which determines the award winners at the corresponding university.

Evaluation criteria

In addition to the scientific excellence, the level of innovation, societal relevance and practicability of the work are also evaluated.

In concrete terms these are:

Focus: Security and sovereignty of Switzerland

Creativity and innovative value

Societal relevance

Quality and working methods

Corporate goals

How can a university become a partner?

We will be pleased to provide information about this. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Pascal Gaggero


Pascal Gaggero
Head Venture Unit
Stauffacherstrasse 65
3000 Bern