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We are committed to supporting projects that are consistent with our mission and values. We are proud to develop exciting partnerships along the way and to drive forward visionary thinking projects in Switzerland.

Are you considering RUAG as a sponsorship partner?

Please find out who we support and then apply online using our form. As a commercially oriented company, we are obliged to handle our limited budget responsibly. Please understand that we therefore cannot support all applications.

Sponsorship requirements: What and whom does RUAG support?

  • Projects whose content can be associated with the RUAG brand or with the topic of “Security in Switzerland”
  • Projects that positively influence RUAG’s attractiveness as an employer
  • Projects that increase RUAG’s visibility, reach and reputation
  • Projects that are related to the RUAG portfolio and underline RUAG’s position as a technology partner to the Swiss Armed Forces
  • RUAG does not support activities that offend moral, religious, political and ethical sensitivities or groups and thus contradict RUAG's compliance guidelines
  • RUAG does not support projects that are too closely related to our customers or potential orders
  • RUAG does not support local and regional projects or individuals unless they are closely related to a RUAG site

Sponsorship requests are accepted exclusively via the online form. Check in advance whether your application meets our sponsorship requirements. Please note that completion of the questionnaire as well as fulfillment of the criteria does not guarantee any entitlement to sponsorship by RUAG.

We request that you answer the following questions carefully and completely. All properly submitted requests will be carefully reviewed and we will respond as soon as possible.


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