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Our focus: life-cycle management, operations and availability of your systems.

Our Services & Products

We make a significant contribution to sovereign security for Switzerland. As a holistic security company and future-oriented technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, life-cycle management, operations and the availability of military systems are a priority for us. All business activities are therefore strongly geared toward strengthening Swiss sovereign security.

Our business areas include military systems for air and land as well as communication, command and control & reconnaissance systems. In addition, we offer a wide range of services in the fields of aerodynamics, testing and ICT consulting.

Our priorities

As the technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG ensures optimum availability of air and land systems. Quality, precision and reliability are of central importance for all services and products.

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As the future-oriented technology of the Swiss Armed Forces, quality and precision are our top priority.


We are your reliable partner - with individual, tailor-made solutions.


With our expertise and solution-oriented thinking, we contribute to the availability of your systems.

RUAG as life-cycle partner for the Swiss Armed Forces

We are the technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces. In this role we ensure with our comprehensive service portfolio the best possible availability of systems across the entire product cycle – from evaluation and final assembly to the resale of systems.

Life-cycle Management im Bereich Air

Air Systems Area

The deployment capability of fighter jets, propeller planes, helicopters, and anti-aircraft systems is the foundation of every successful deployment. There is simply no room for compromise. Armies and civil operators are reliant on available, high-performance systems in order to be able to complete their missions. As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG ensures the best possible availability of the deployed systems throughout their entire life cycle. Furthermore, we oversee the operation of the material, technology, and logistics center on behalf of the Swiss Air Force.
Life-cycle Management (MKZ); People working on Tank

Land Systems Area

Heavy weapons systems must be ready for deployment at any time and hold up under the most adverse circumstances and extreme climatic conditions. Because of their high performance, these systems are also exposed to a high degree of load-related wear and tear. Land forces are always reliant on high-performance land defense systems that provide outstanding availability if they are to meet their security obligations. As a technology partner to the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG ensures that systems benefit from maximum deployment capability throughout their entire life cycle.
Life-cycle Management Kommunikations-, Führungs- und Aufklärungssysteme

Communications, Guidance & Reconnaissance Systems Area

We have been a partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and blue-light organizations for many years, helping them to successfully complete their missions. With our holistic approach to solutions, we offer our customers product and vendor-neutral advice, along with the very latest products and services. As a materials, technology, and logistics center, we take care of maintenance, and perform modernizations and upgrades. As a result we ensure a maximum service life for the systems and guarantee the availability of secure and reliable tools for communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance.


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