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RUAG as a center of excellence - Our success stories

We are your future-oriented partner for the life cycle management, operation and availability of military systems for ground and air. You will learn more about our past success stories here.


We work on extensive projects together with our partners from the military and industrial sector. Customer-oriented and collaborative cooperation is very important to us. On this page, we will take a look back at successful projects with our partners and give you an insight into our daily activities.


Learn more about our success stories

From installing reliable POLYCOM radio devices and preserving the value of complex communication and guidance systems to performing comprehensive propeller maintenance: we offer tailor-made, customized solutions for our customers’ systems. See for yourself and read more about our success stories from our areas of expertise in ground, air, communications, guidance and reconnaissance systems.

Panzer MRO

Ground Systems Unit

As a technology partner, we ensure that ground-based systems benefit from maximum operational readiness throughout their entire life cycle. You will find a selection of our success stories here.

RUAG Sensor Technology - Wind tunnel balances with highest accuracy


Best performance - Best preparation

In motorsport in particular, properties such as drag and downforce are essential when it comes to checking and improving the aerodynamic performance of racing cars. After all, we can only achieve the best results if the highest quality standards are met. That's why wind tunnels need outstanding, compact sensors with very high accuracy, stiffness, precision and repeatability.

Balance models from RUAG

RUAG designs and operates precise balance models for maximum data accuracy: They allow the evaluation of real-world effects within a controlled environment. Our most prominent instrumentation product is certainly the block-type family 7xx, a 6-component strain gauge balance characterized by its robustness against overloading, high precision, repeatability and long-term stability. The family of balances is well received worldwide in the wind tunnel and, in particular, the motorsport community.

Accurate strain gauges

The strain gauges are arranged in seven Wheatstone bridges and measure the strain produced by loads on the metric side of the balance. Extensive theoretical, computational and experimental analyses have led to design features which reduce the interferences between the individual load components, diminish local and overall deformations, and increase the safety factor by limiting local stress concentrations in critical areas.

Precise load combinations

About 400 load combinations are applied to the balance on the calibration rig by using dead weights traceable to national standards. The signals from the gauges are recorded using a high-precision data acquisition system. Calibration and tests in our wind tunnels confirm the development goals: small interferences, high linearity and error levels of less than 0.05% over the full load envelope.

Faster and safer vehicles

Claus Zimmermann, Teamleader Measurement & Computing at RUAG, notes: "Our continuous improvements and adaptations to our balance design have resulted in a sophisticated product families. The balances are used in our wind tunnel or leave our labs to be shipped to test facilities around the globe. Positive feedback from many customers and partners is our motivation to contribute to making vehicles safer and faster".
Feedback von Kunden

Feedback from our customer

Team Penske, a US company and extremely successful in motorsports (NASCAR, IndyCar, SportsCar), is a long-standing RUAG customer. Several of our balances are in use with them, helping them to race at the best possible performance: "RUAG's high-precision balances have enabled us to achieve success in the wind tunnel that we could not achieve in the past. With the current regulations in motorsports, these small details make a big difference on the race track." (John Moloney, General Manager of Penske Technology Group).

Reaching goals together


Air Systems Unit

At RUAG, we guarantee optimal availability of air-based systems throughout their entire life cycle. You will find a selection of our success stories here.

RUAG: Your Trusted Partner for Propeller Maintenance – For Generations

Safety on board with RUAG’s COVID-19 partition wall


Communications, Guidance & Reconnaissance Systems Unit

We are specialists in the comprehensive end-to-end life-cycle management of security-related communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance systems. You will find a selection of our success stories here.

Successful in life cycle management and system support

Always on standby for safe roads


Amt für Betrieb Nationalstrassen (National Road Operation Office)

In Göschenen, shortly before the Gotthard Tunnel, you will find one of the four registered offices of the National Road Operation Office. It is responsible for maintaining federally operated roads in the Canton of Uri as well as in parts of the Cantons of Schwyz, Nidwalden and Tessin.

24-hour on-call service

The roads in these cantons are regularly serviced by snowplows. These snowplows are operated by drivers that are always available for 24-hour on-call service, even at weekends. Their task is to guarantee safe road traffic on the route between Amsteg and Airolo.

Committed to safe roads

The challenging route, with its many inclines and the ever-changing weather, requires the drivers to pay a great deal of attention. Especially in the event of heavy snow, the vehicles are also used throughout the entire night, such as in spring 2020, when around 40 centimeters of fresh snow fell.

The vehicles are equipped with numerous state-of-the-art devices. In addition to a GPS system, the vehicle has sensors that measure the ground temperature and distribute automatic quantities of salt or brine. The winter service manager can track all of the vehicles’ activities in a decentralized manner on a PC.

“It’s a challenging job for the drivers that requires technical skills, flexibility and flawless communication,” explained Franz Püntener, team leader of Strassenunterhalt Süd (Road Maintenance South). It’s a job that could not be carried out without good teamwork. When it comes to the various operations, good contact with the winter service manager isn’t the only thing that is essential. “The drivers are alone in the vehicle, so it is crucial for them to communicate with each other,” said Püntener.

To ensure smooth communication, the National Road Operation Office commissioned RUAG to install digital TPM700 radio devices and holders in the vehicles. They have been in use for around three months now and support drivers and winter service managers with their daily challenges. The new, digital radio devices prove themselves through smooth, high-quality communication, even in tunnels. They standardize the entire communication system in all vehicles so that drivers can communicate with each other clearly. This ensures that the National Road Operation Office is operational at all times and guarantees that roads are safe.

GUARDIAN - the highest standard of secure communications