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RUAG Germany. For life-cycle management, operations and availability of military systems.

For Germany. From Germany.

RUAG is a future-oriented technology partner for military forces and security organizations and offers comprehensive, customized overall solutions and systems that are consistent and efficient. Life-cycle management, operations, and the availability of military systems are a priority for us. With our technologies, products, and services, we establish the conditions for successful missions and security operations.

Our core expertise includes life-cycle management for weapons systems. As a center of excellence, we focus on maintenance and repair, as well as modernization and upgrades. In addition, we provide development, production and integration services for high-value subsystems and components. This includes our modular, high-tech ballistic defense systems and our mobile control rooms for the safety of crew and equipment.

Your reliable partner in Germany.


Our country of origin is Switzerland.

We are your future-oriented technology partner. Our corporate philosophy is based on the pursuit of innovative technologies and solutions. With our services, we support armed forces in successfully carrying out their missions.

We provide services for Germany.

We carry our sustainibly built experience to the world: We are your reliable partner and deliver high-quality products and services for Germany, from Germany.

Complete solutions from a single source.

RUAG offers comprehensive, customized total solutions and systems that are consistent and efficient. In a complex and dynamic environment, we see seamless integrations and comprehensive solutions from a single source as crucial.
Landsysteme RUAG Deutschland

Land Systems

With our range of services, we make sure every mission is tackled using reliable equipment that has been perfectly matched to meet the requirements of the assignment at hand. Our core expertise includes life-cycle management such as maintenance and repair, as well as modernization and upgrades for weapons systems.
Luftsysteme RUAG Deutschland

Air Systems

In its role as a technology partner, RUAG maintains and repairs aircraft and helicopters, while also guaranteeing comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle. Our core expertise includes repairs and maintenance work as well as modernizations and upgrades.
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Tactical Communications

Military operations or emergency situations require immediate coordination between different organizations, units and countries. Effective and secure communications are the basic prerequisite for successful operations. Different communication systems and technologies must be integrated in a mission-specific manner and connected in a protected network.
RUAG Containersystem

Container Systems

RUAG develops and supplies mobile command posts, medical systems and support infrastructures. The air-conditioned containers can be assembled and disassembled in any terrain within a very short time. They also provide protection in a wide range of environmental and operational conditions and ensure the safety of crew and equipment.
Ballistischer Schutz (Zusatzpanzerungen)

Ballistic Protection

For soldiers in armored vehicles, effective protection against a wide range of threats is a matter of life and death. Our passive protection solutions offer effective all-round protection against large-caliber ammunition, anti-tank grenades, guided missiles and unconventional booby traps and mines.

Self-protection Systems and Test Equipment

During military operations or humanitarian missions in conflict areas, helicopters and flight systems as well as their crews are confronted with complex threats. Mission and flight safety is always the top priority, and self-protection systems are often vital for survival.

COBRA Mortar System

The state-of-the-art 120 mm COBRA mortar system developed by RUAG impresses with maximum firepower and is intuitive to operate. It is suitable for integration into highly mobile platforms and offers the best balance between firepower and flexibility.


Landgraf-Karl-Str. 1
34131 Kassel, Deutschland