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RUAG Containersystem

Mobile container systems for a successful mission

Container systems to ensure the safety of your crew and equipment

Modern deployment scenarios for crisis intervention and national defense are complex and require flexibility and speed. The demands on the mobility of systems have risen sharply. RUAG develops and manufactures 20-ft containers for mobile command post shelters, medical systems and support infrastructures that can be quickly transported by truck to any place of deployment, even through difficult terrain.

Standardized container modules make it easy to create large workspaces for a wide variety of purposes within a very short period of time. The single- or multi-story buildings built according to the plug-and-play principle provide comprehensive protection against ballistic threats. The entire interior of the modular container building forms a Faraday cage. The shielding achieved in this manner meets the data security requirements of military systems and allows sensitive data to be processed inside the building. Fresh air is supplied by a central ventilation system with a heat recovery, which can also be combined with an NBC protection ventilation system. All units are manufactured in Switzerland and are CSC approved for international maritime transport. Our specialized technicians provide support around the globe.


Our services range from conception and engineering, design and production, as well as testing and qualification in our own test center, to the maintenance of container systems. We guarantee the highest quality at all times – regardless of whether you opt for a standard system or a customized solution including system integration.


Fast assembly

The container systems can be set up and dismantled within a very short time without any additional equipment. They are functionally reliable even under extreme conditions and in any terrain, thus enabling a successful mission.

Protection for crew and equipment

Across the spectrum of military command & control and supply systems, RUAG container solutions provide protection and are tailored to a wide range of environmental and operational conditions.

Your trusted partner

RUAG is the future-oriented technology partner for armed forces and security organizations. The pursuit of innovative technologies and solutions characterizes our corporate philosophy.


  • The mobile container systems can be used in any terrain worldwide - even under the most adverse environmental conditions.
  • They provide a comfortable and efficient workspace in a protected and air-conditioned environment.
  • The containers have a high adaptability to different tasks.
  • The quick set-up allows for immediate operational deployment.
  • Your crew and equipment remain protected thanks to protection against NBC threats, reliable EMC and NEMP protection, RF shielding (TEMPEST) and ballistic protection.


Would you like to learn more about our services? Here, you can download various additional information.

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Product Management

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