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Modular container buildings for medium to long-term operation

Often the modern operational scenarios for crisis intervention and national defense require the creation of decentralized Command & Control centers, data centers or communication interfaces that are independent of the existing infrastructure at the planned operational location.

Standardized container modules make it easy to create large workspaces for a wide variety of purposes within a very short period of time. The single- or multi-story buildings built according to the plug-and-play principle provide comprehensive protection against ballistic threats. The entire interior of the modular container building forms a Faraday cage. The shielding achieved in this manner meets the data security requirements of military systems and allows sensitive data to be processed inside the building. Fresh air is supplied by a central ventilation system with a heat recovery, which can also be combined with an NBC protection ventilation system. All units are manufactured in Switzerland and are CSC approved for international maritime transport. Our specialized technicians provide support around the globe.

Your advantages


Quick assembly

Thanks to standardized modules and pre-installed basic equipment with Plug & Play interfaces, these buildings can be erected at their operational locations quickly and easily.

protection for crew and equipment

These units provide protection against various threats and are adapted to suit a very wide variety of different environmental and operational conditions.

Individual design options

Even during an operational deployment the rooms can be sub-divided using partition walls to suit prevailing requirements. The number of containers is sanable to an almost unlimited extent.


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Product Management

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Functional areas as access & corridor area, work areas, technical areas

The RUAG concept divides the building into three basic functional areas. The fundamental principles here are modularity, the ability to be deployed in any scenario and central supply capability. All containers are equipped with the basic capabilities they need. This reduces the time and cost of on-site installation to a minimum.


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