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Overview of the company RUAG Real Estate

Key competencies, facts and figures, corporate responsibility: learn more about our company as your service provider of choice for industrial and business parks.



Financial and portfolio management

Comprehensive strategic development and utilisation planning of the portfolio to preserve the long-term value of the properties

Future-oriented management of the property portfolio

Transactions and legal solutions for developed and undeveloped parcels

Construction management

Owner representation for all new construction and conversion projects

Advice on needs analyses for tenants and building lease holders

Maintenance planning and condition analyses

Facility Services

Personal service centre for office, production and warehouse spaces

Comprehensive building management for infrastructure and equipment

Flexible logistics solutions and tailored production support on site

Project development

Master planning for sustainable use and development of industrial complexes

Redevelopment of industrial spaces into thematically focused industrial and business parks

Creating attractive real estate solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises


Customer and strategy-oriented management of rental properties

Expert consulting for users and owner

Efficient cost and contract management

Business Development

Strategic marketing and marketing management of rental spaces or entire developments

Sale of high-potential structures and projects to interested parties

Design of specific measures to improve business segments

Security and integrated management

Environmental management

Quality and risk management

Physical security management



5 integrated, thematically focused industrial and business parks


Founded in 2009 as a private-law limited company (AG)


Over 100 employees


15 locations in Switzerland


founded 2009 as a private-law limited company (AG)


60% third-party customers + 40% internal RUAG customers

Corporate responsibility: We take responsibility


By providing space for industrial and commercial jobs we directly contribute to value generation and to the attractiveness of Switzerland as a production site. We offer the space that is indispensable for a productive economy while cultivating conscientious use of Switzerland's limited available land for development.


By participating in the programme of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector, we demonstrate our commitment to actively reducing our own CO2 emissions and systematically optimising energy efficiency.


We promote equal pay for men and women along with the greatest possible diversity of age, sex and nationality. We value the continual personal development of our employees and offer attractive education and training opportunities.


We strictly observe all laws, regulations and compliance requirements. We have adopted the RICS Ethical Standards, committing us to uphold integrity, quality, trust and respect.


Corporate responsibility in practice


Meeting high standards

RUAG Real Estate achieves ISO certification. A strong commitment to quality and credible environmental protection are top priorities for RUAG. RUAG Real Estate has achieved ISO certification for both quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) at its Bern, Emmen, Thun, Zurich and Altdorf locations.
Energy and climate as a model

Climate and energy

RUAG Real Estate strives to make an ambitious contribution to Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050 in line with the requirements of the Swiss government. Our climate protection and energy efficiency policy is based on the following three objectives:
- Reduction of energy consumption (energy efficiency)
- Reduction of power consumption
- Expansion of renewable energies
CO2 & kWh reduziert Energie-Agentur

CO2 & kWh reduced

RUAG Real Estate strives for continuous commitment in the area of sustainability. In line with this principle, we are also participating in the voluntary programme of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW) in 2021.
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