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Kommunikations-, Führungs- & Aufklärungssysteme

Secure communications systems for the Swiss Armed Forces and blue-light organizations.

A Reliable Partner for Communications, Guidance, and Reconnaissance Systems

We have been a partner of the Swiss Armed Forces and blue-light organizations for many years, helping them to successfully complete their missions. We make sure that first responders have access to secure and reliable tools designed for communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance purposes.

Military operations, airspace surveillance, police and rescue missions, emergency relief: The job profile for military and civilian personnel is diverse. And this diversity continues to grow. Asymmetric threats, an increase in natural disasters caused by climate change, and the growing need for security for human beings make their jobs all the more challenging. It is crucial to always know what is happening on the ground, to make the right decisions, and to communicate effectively. In the process, state-of-the-art technologies for network-enabled operations support the first responders. RUAG ensures that these technologies are always available.

Life-cycle Management

We are specialists in the end-to-end life-cycle management of security-related communication, reconnaissance, and surveillance systems. With our holistic approach to solutions, we offer our customers product and vendor-neutral advice, along with the very latest products and services. As a materials, technology, and logistics center, we perform maintenance, and undertake modernization work and upgrades to maximize system service life.

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Life-cycle Management Kommunikations-, Führungs- und Aufklärungssysteme

Our Competencies in the Communications, Guidance, & Reconnaissance Systems Division

We offer cost-efficient services provided from a single source. As such, we guarantee planning certainty and investment security throughout the entire life cycle - From evaluation, procurement and implementation through maintenance and repair to modernization and upgrades.


Evaluation, procurement, and implementation

The procurement and implementation of systems is a costly and time-consuming process. That is why the Swiss Armed Forces, government agencies, and other organizations put their trust in our comprehensive expertise.

Maintenance and Repair

As a materials, technology, and logistics center, we perform maintenance and repairs, and we also make the necessary test infrastructure available – for the entire service life.

Modernization and Upgrades

We undertake modernization work and upgrades. With our cost-efficient services provided from a single source, we guarantee planning certainty and maximize system service life.