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Mobile Medical Container Systems

Humanitarian emergencies and hygiene problems can occur anytime and anywhere. Medical aid as well as the fight against hygiene problems must be provided quickly and effectively.

RUAG develops and manufactures mobile medical container systems to ensure medical care in emergencies. They can be used in a variety of ways and under any conditions, including disinfection, sterilization as rapidly deployable emergency care centers.


Autonomous system

Mobile medical container systems have integrated supply systems. This allows them to be used completely autonomously - anywhere and in any terrain.

Easy transport

Thanks to the integration of all functional and supply elements in 20ft ISO containers, the mobile system can be easily transported and is suitable for robust field use.

Fast assembly

The mobile containers can be set up and dismantled in a very short time without any additional tools. They are functionally reliable even under extreme conditions, enabling a successful mission.


Friedrich-Olaf Jungk
Product Management
Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun

Disinfection Container System

Humanitarian aid needs to be rapid and effective. RUAG's mobile disinfection unit – developed on behalf of armasuisse for the Swiss Armed Forces – ensures hygiene standards. The disinfection system combats hygiene problems and prevents the transmission of infectious diseases. Medical supplies are thermally disinfected. This prevents the transmission of infectious diseases and eliminates viruses, bacteria, parasites and possible fungi.

The disinfection system is suitable for humanitarian aid, asylum and refugee centers, old-age and nursing homes, hospitals and barracks. It can be used as military infrastructure, for peacekeeping missions as well as for disaster relief operations.

  • Autonomous deployment system consisting of three containers (disinfection container, logistics and accessories container)
  • Modular and adaptable to different tasks (cleaning of mattresses, pillows, clothing, bed frames, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • Disinfection chamber with a capacity of 3.2 m3
  • Disinfects up to 300 mattresses in 24 hours
  • Tested in continuous operation under the toughest conditions
  • Meets civil standards for thermal disinfection as well as for non-invasive and non-critical reusable medical devices
RUAG looking into
mobiler Desinfektionscontainer
RUAG's mobile disinfection system ensures hygiene standards.
20-Fuss ISO Container
Fast and easy transport thanks to 20-ft ISO containers.
The container system is set up and ready for use within a few hours.
desinfizierte Matratzen
The mattresses are disinfected in the RUAG disinfection container.
desinfizier Zelt
The disinfected material is taken out of the tent and stored in the storage container.

Sterilization Container System

RUAG's mobile sterilization system – developed on behalf of armasuisse for the Swiss Armed Forces – ensures the sterility of supplies to medical facilities. Medical instruments are pre-washed, chemically cleaned and packaged in a controlled zone. Viable microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores as well as prions) are sterilized at 134 °C in accordance with SN EN 556-1, so that the sterilized and packaged instruments can be stored without difficulty.

  • Provides on-site support for medical care
  • Autonomous operating system consisting of four containers
  • Function-based division of zones (washing/cleaning zone, packing zone, sterilization zone, storage/dispensing zone and dressing/technical zone) with separate ventilation systems
  • Air filtration meeting medical standards
  • Integrated supply systems (water treatment, compressed air, air conditioning, electricity)
  • All cleaning and sterilization devices are integrated into the container
  • Covers the throughput volume of a hospital with 150 beds
Mobile medical container systems Brochure PDF
RUAG looking into
Containerdörfer können in jedem Gelände innerhalb weniger Stunden auf- und abgebaut werden.
The container system is set up and ready for use within a few hours.
manuelle Vorreinigung
Preparation starts with manual pre-cleaning.
thermisch desinfiziert
The instruments are automatically cleaned and thermally disinfected.
Im Dampfsterilisator werden die Instrumente sterilisiert.
The instruments are sterilized in the steam sterilizer.
The sterile instruments are made available for collection via the output sluice.

Mobile Field Hospitals

With a combination of standard, expandable or foldable ISO containers, our mobile medical facilities make it possible to provide comprehensive civilian and military care across the globe. Thanks to the energy and water supply included in the system, the field hospitals are independent of any infrastructure available at the place of deployment. Our solution is based on cooperation with Swiss hospital planning companies, which contribute their experience in the realization of hospitals, radiology facilities and joint practice projects worldwide.

  • A complete solution for the development, construction, commissioning, training and operation of mobile hospital facilities
  • Rapid and independent humanitarian aid
  • Complete field hospital facility established within shortest time
  • Integrated cooling and heating systems
  • Autonomous energy and water supply
Broschüre Feldkrankenhäuser [Englisch] PDF
RUAG looking into
RUAG Field Hospital
RUAG's mobile facilities provide comprehensive medical care.


Friedrich-Olaf Jungk
Product Management
Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun