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Effective protection for armored vehicles

The nature of armed conflicts has changed: Scenarios involving threats and different deployments have become more diverse, and asymmetric conflicts have gained in importance. This change also varies in line with the demands in terms of the safety of emergency forces. We have developed high-tech systems to completely and effectively protect armored vehicles in a way that is customized and tailored to the specific operation at hand.

Our solutions offer comprehensive protection against large-caliber munitions, anti-tank grenade launchers, guided missiles, improvised explosive devices, and mines. Because soldiers in armored vehicles must be well protected against a wide variety of threats – it is a matter of life and death.

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Tailored solutions for armored vehicles

Comprehensive product portfolio

With our broad portfolio of state-of-the-art systems, we can offer effective protection for the entire vehicle.

Individual consulting

Looking after our customers is vital to us – we provide you with individual advice and focus on your specific needs.

Operation-specific solutions

Whether it is large-caliber ammunition, missiles or mines: Our products are specifically tailored to meet our customers’ requirements.


Anthony Rossi
Product Management
Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun

SidePRO side protection

RUAG has developed SidePRO systems for the side protection of armored vehicles. Depending on each specific system, these entirely passive protection solutions can be integrated into the vehicle structure or retrofitted as an add-on solution. All SidePRO systems are scalable and can be customized to meet customer requirements and the expected asymmetric or symmetric threats.

SidePRO - Lasso
The SidePRO-LASSO system stands out due to its adaptive protection.
The SidePRO-RPG offers optimal protection for medium-sized and heavy vehicles.
The SidePRO-KE/IED system effectively protects against KE threats.
The polyvalent SidePRO-ATR is suitable for use in armored personnel carriers and combat tanks.

Side protection SidePRO-LASSO

The SidePRO-LASSO side protection system provides adaptive protection against the widely used RPG-7 anti-tank grenade and similar threats. The system is characterized by its high-protection shielding and its effective protection against multiple hits. The distance to the vehicle structure is only 25 cm; further advantages include low weight and flexible mountings. Assembly can be carried out without the need for special tools and doors; hatches and ramps remain usable. The field of view is not affected by the installation.

Factsheet SidePRO-LASSO PDF

Side protection SidePRO-RPG

SidePRO-RPG side protection system is suitable for medium and heavy vehicles and protects against the widely-used RPG-7 anti-tank grenade and similar threats. The system offers high coverage and effective protection against multiple hits. In addition, it stands out due to its low weight and minimal thickness. The SidePRO-RPG can be adapted to almost any vehicle shape.

Factsheet SidePRO-RPG PDF

Side protection SidePRO-KE/IED

The SidePRO-KE/IED system is a passive, multi-purpose composite protection system against armor-piercing projectiles (APs), improvised explosive devices (IEDs), artillery splitters and explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs). It offers effective protection against multiple hits and impresses with its high protective effects despite minimal thickness. It can be flexibly adapted to each vehicle’s shape and can also be mounted behind wheels and chains.

Factsheet SidePRO-KE/IED PDF

Side protection SidePRO-ATR

This protection system is suitable for use in armored personnel carriers, combat tanks and other personnel transport vehicles. It provides effective protection against anti-tank missiles, guided missiles, large and medium-caliber KE projectiles and large improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The advantages of this system can be seen in its high protection against multiple hits. Its modular design allows for retrofitting and integration

Factsheet SidePRO-ATR PDF

Roof protection against artillery shells

RUAG has developed the RoofPRO system to protect armored vehicles from artillery shells: RoofPRO can be installed in existing vehicles. The system is specifically designed to provide substantial protection without compromising on the functionality of the vehicle.


Roof protection RoofPRO

The RoofPRO roof protection system offers a high level of protection against multiple hits without affecting the vehicle's functionality. It can be adapted to almost any vehicle structure and is characterized by its low weight.

Factsheet RoofPRO PDF

Protection against mines

RUAG has designed the MinePRO system to protect armored vehicles against mines. The system provides protection against armor-piercing projectiles (APs), improvised explosive devices (IEDs), anti-tank mines and explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs). Retrofitting requires extensive adjustments to be made inside the vehicle.


System MinePRO

The system offers the highest level of protection and impresses due to its low weight.

Factsheet MinePRO PDF


Anthony Rossi
Product Management
Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun