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Determine and actively manage your IT security status: with our Security Proofing services

Adequate security levels for IT systems are essential for everyday business. Our comprehensive Security Proofing services support you in determining your current security status. Furthermore, we work with you to define the necessary measures to achieve your desired IT security level.

IT security is of existential importance for every company. In order to get an idea of the current security status and to derive the necessary measures, comprehensive security proofing is essential. With our structured and methodical approach, we ensure professional support throughout the entire security proofing process.


Expert advice

Our customized security proofing shows the current security status and recommends necessary measures.

Long-standing experience

We have many years of experience from comparable projects in the security environment.

V-internal benchmarking

Results and measures from comparable projects or systems can be used for the evaluation.

We offer the following services to support you in the area of Security Proofing:

  • Survey and testing of the IT security status
  • Information and situation survey using various passive and active techniques
  • Evaluation of the collected information against best practice, applicable specifications or standards
  • Evaluation of the results and identification of gaps and weaknesses
  • Recommendation of necessary measures including preparation of a test report


Passive and active techniques


Passive: e.g. interviews, document study, observation and processes

Active: e.g. hands-on in the system, penetration testing, attack simulation and running through positive/negative use cases


Would you like to learn more about our services? Here, you can download various additional information.

Factsheet Security Proofing


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