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Handwashing redefined

SMIXIN is a Swiss cleantech company that develops resource-saving handwashing systems that use 90% less water and 60% less soap and paper than ordinary handwashing

Thanks to a patented technology, handwashing with Smixin takes only 15 seconds and is completely touch-free.
During the fully automatic handwashing cycle, water, soap and air are mixed into a unique emulsion ensuring effective handwashing according to WHO standards

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Smixin guarantees highly ecological water, soap and paper consumption. Each handwashing cycle only uses up 0.2 liters of cold water and only 0.3 ml of soap. This saves an amazing 90% of the water and 60% of the soap needed. Since the paper length is preset, it saves 60% of the paper used compared to a conventional towel dispenser.

Hygiene safety

80% of all contagious diseases are transmitted by the hands. Smixin uses a standardized process to ensure that hands are washed correctly, thereby increasing hygiene safety.


With the COMBI, Smixin has developed a unique 3-in-1 handwashing system. Water, soap and paper are automatically dispensed each time the sensor is activated. The optimal mix of water and soap with air makes your hands feel very soft and clean after washing. The COMBI is designed for use both inside and outside of restroom facilities.
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Madeline Amrein
Innovation Manager
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen
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Considering that the federal administration, including the DDPS, must achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050, Smixin can make a major contribution to this goal by saving massive amounts of water and eliminating the need for hot water. The standardized handwashing process also significantly increases users’ hygiene safety.

By developing and manufacturing efficient and economical handwashing systems, the cleantech startup Smixin is committed to improving health and sustainability.
Smixin mixes soap, air and water together using a unique and patented technology.
This enables the consumption of 90% less water and up to 60% less soap and paper compared to normal handwashing. A hot water pipe is no longer necessary.

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