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Smart Safety for Defense & First Response

Smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that integrates sensors has enabled a human-centric safety by continuously, non-invasively monitoring vital signs of its users, allowing for data-driven decision making to optimize performance and protection.

Developed in response to workplace accidents and fatalities of personnel subjected to harsh conditions, epyMetrics is the only wearable platform to track Sweat Rate, Core Body Temperature, Heart Rate, and Activity in real time. With their understanding of thermoregulatory & cardiovascular responses to heat and other physiological challenges, they aim to prevent heat injury & fatigue during highly stressful tasks.

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Early detection of heat injury

They are the only solution today that include the 1st indicator of increased thermal activity: sweat!

Man-down emergencies

They provide a valuable tool for medical emergency response teams even before they reach the casualty.

Optimal pacing of workload

They allow for exercise recovery and peak fitness monitoring to improve and personalize trainings and workloads.


Dr. David Hippert
Product Owner
Stauffacherstrasse 65
3000 Bern 22
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Many fatalities during work could have been avoidable had there been a more human-centric protective equipment in place, allowing for early detection of adverse health effects by continuously monitoring the user's vital signs. With their novel wearable, it is our mission to keep the workforce safe.

They offer real-time health and safety monitoring in highly stressful and harsh environments with the novel wearable, allowing for data-driven decision making to optimize performance and protection of service and military personnel.