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We are the technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces. Because we know that security matters.

Security for Switzerland: Our Services and Competencies

Security matters. Always and everywhere. Security is one of the basic pillars of Switzerland. At RUAG, we work to ensure this on a daily basis. That is what drives us. This is the essence of RUAG. As a future-oriented technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, life-cycle management, operations, and the availability of military systems for land and air are a priority for us.

Life-cycle management partner for armed forces and security organizations - RUAG

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What Sets Us Apart

Global Reach

At home in Switzerland, but also operating abroad: We are there for our national and international customers.


As a future-oriented technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, quality and precision are our first priority.


We assist our customers with customized solutions – in every situation.

Working at RUAG

The potential for development at RUAG has many names. This is because our offering of educational and training options, opportunities, and jobs is as diverse as the skills and wishes of our employees. We look forward to your application – and to meeting you especially.

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Graduates
  • Students

Take Responsibility

In our open work environment, fascinating categories of interesting work-related content await you.

The Challenges are Diverse

Together with you, we want to achieve something and make progress.

Open Positions

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With you on our team, we will work together on behalf of Swiss security.

We offer ideal conditions for starting a new job with us.

Open Positions

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Holistic and Personal Mentoring Right from the Start

With our expertise we are based in many Swiss regions and every day contribute to the country's security.

Fascinating Professional Fields

As a technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces, we offer excellent professional training with personal mentoring in fascinating professions.

We offer especially interesting and fascinating fields for your professional training. When it comes to this, we are among the best, as our results with SwissSkills and WorldSkills show. During your professional training with us, your personal educational supervisor will mentor you from the start. We would like to support you with your specific personal interests and talents in mind so that we, together with you, can work every single day on behalf of Swiss security. For us, it is important that we develop together with you in a way that maintains a long-term focus.

We Embody These Values

Discover the RUAG brand
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Partnerschaftlich. Schneewanderung


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Our Sites

We are here for you – at over 15 sites. In Switzerland and abroad.

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Ammunition Disposal

Aerodynamics site, including wind tunnel