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HybridAPU im Einsatz

Autonomy thanks to locally and sustainably produced hydrogen
and hydrogen generators

Autonomy and sustainability

As a technology partner to the Swiss Army, RUAG is striving to develop an energy self-sufficiency concept in order to maximize the defense capability of the Army and other security organizations. Alongside the focus on self-sufficiency, resilience, sustainability, and efficiency, the company is seeking to contribute to the fulfillment of climate objectives.

The Hybrid APU is an innovative power generator. At its core is a powerful and robust fuel cell that generates electrical energy directly from hydrogen, and a high-performance battery. This combination makes it possible to produce energy with minimal waste heat and noise. These are significant tactical advantages in military environments and civilian applications.

With Green Hydrogen, RUAG offers solutions for local production, storage, distribution and long-term supply of hydrogen together with a strong network of partners. This ecosystem enables the production and use of hydrogen as an essential fuel of the future. This will be done locally, autonomously and sustainably.

An overview of the advantages of the Hybrid-APU


Decentralized power generation

The robust and sustainable Hybrid-APU provides electrical power in all situations.

Tactical advantages

Low waste heat and near silence during use due to battery operation are major advantages in tactical and civilian applications.

Autonomous power supply

The Hybrid-APU can be refueled at hydrogen refueling stations and by RUAG Green Hydrogen mobile production and refueling systems
HybridAPU im Detail
Hybrid-APU in detail
Brennstoffzelle HybridAPU
Hybrid-APU fuel cell
Bedienpanel der HybridAPU
Control panel of the Hybrid-APU
Batterie der HybridAPU
Battery of the Hybrid-APU
HybridAPU im Transportzustand (geschlossen)
Hybrid-APU in transport state (closed)
Hybrid-APU Detail (offen)
Hybrid-APU Detail (open)

An overview of the advantages of Green Hydrogen


Local production

Hydrogen production is local, decentralized and sustainable.

Reliable long-term storage

Hydrogen as an energy store for autonomous supply in all situations.

RUAG as a partner

RUAG provides solutions for the production, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen.


Nico Hensgens
Product Manager Innovation
Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun