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RUAG Ltd expands its service for the Air Force in Payerne

In collaboration with the Swiss Air Force, RUAG Ltd has begun working on the construction of a new location on Payerne’s military airfield. In doing so, RUAG Ltd creates 12 new jobs in the region.

With the construction of a new location at Payerne’s military airfield, RUAG Ltd also ensures new on-site maintenance in Romandy for the benefit of the Swiss Air Force. In addition to the six employees who are already stationed in Payerne, 12 new jobs will be created. The commencement of operations is planned for around the end of Q1 2021. From then on, RUAG Ltd employees at the Payerne location will provide up to five large heavy maintenance checks annually on the F/A-18 as well support through small heavy maintenance checks. The final expansion of the two-shift operation will proceed through the end of Q3 2021.

With this step, RUAG Ltd’s aircraft maintenance employees in Emmen can focus even more on the restructuring program when working on the F/A-18. Due to the expansion stage in Payerne, the more than 30-year successful collaboration between RUAG and VBS will become closer and more intensive. Through the geographical convergence of aircraft maintenance and operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of the provision of services can be improved to the benefit of the Air Force, and both partners can in equal measure extract advantages from the synergies.

Although the need for large heavy maintenance checks at the Emmen headquarters will be somewhat reduced once operations commence in Payerne, comprehensive services will also be rendered for the benefit of the Air Force going forward.

With approximately 7,000 F/A-18 movements per year, Payerne's airfield is the headquarters for the Air Force’s fighter aircraft and is mainly responsible for the air police. The Federal Council's goal of being able to provide air police with the ability to intervene around the clock and every day of the year will be implemented at the beginning of next year.



Kirsten Hammerich
Media Spokesperson, RUAG Ltd
058 467 05 11

Delphine Allemand
Army Spokesperson
058 463 22 58