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Successful test campaign in the wind tunnel

Archer recently completed a six-week wind tunnel test campaign of the Midnight aircraft configuration in our wind tunnel. The testing allowed Archer to gather valuable data for further validation for the Midnight vehicle configuration, aerodynamic models, external load predictions, aircraft performance, stability and control characteristics, and performance degradation under icing conditions.

For this test campaign, a 1:4 scale unpowered model of the Midnight was made, with a wingspan of over 4 meters. This size was deliberately chosen to maximize the similarity of the test data and correlation with the original scale, while fitting within the 5 x 7 meter test area. The model was unpowered, meaning the propellers did not rotate during the tests in order to focus on the aerodynamics of the airframe.

The purpose of this test campaign was to develop a comprehensive data set to validate the design tools and confirm the aerodynamic predictions of the Midnight design. A total of 878 measurements were taken, varying the model's angle of attack and lateral runout while capturing force and moment trends for over 400 different model configurations.

Archer is visibly pleased with the results, which they consider an important milestone for risk mitigation and validation. Archer has summarized the satisfaction in a separate blog article: Archer