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RIGI Project: RUAG receives pre-approval for the final production of F-35 fighter jets

RUAG has received pre-approval for the final production of four of the new F-35 fighter jets. This secures the offset business that is considered most important for the future of the company.

The Federal Office for Defense Procurement, armasuisse, has granted RUAG pre-approval for the RIGI project. Four of the 36 Swiss F-35 fighter jets will undergo final assembly and testing at RUAG in Switzerland, following the completion of appropriate training and with the technical support of the manufacturer Lockheed Martin. This will not be classified as a production project, but rather as a technology and know-how transfer project.

For RUAG, this project is incredibly important as it represents the only way that the company can acquire a sufficient depth of know-how regarding the F-35 at an early stage, and thus develop the required skills. RUAG will use this challenge as an opportunity to become part of the European F-35 support solution, as a regional provider. With the development of additional expertise, RUAG can also secure existing jobs and promote the development of future high-tech positions.

The Swiss Air Force will receive a total of 36 F-35 fighter jets. RUAG is designated as a Material Competence Center (MCC). The detailed specifications for the maintenance work to be carried out as an MCC are still being defined.