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“missim MK3” receives the Red Dot Award

The “missim MK3” test system receives the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024”. The prestigious prize highlights RUAG’s capabilities in the areas of innovative product development and unique design.

The “missim MK3” product is an innovative “all-in-one” test device for self-protection systems within the international aviation industry. The wearable device simulates cross-spectrum threat scenarios and enables a reliable “Go/No-Go” decision to be reached prior to each mission. Since its introduction in 2008, the test system has become established on a global scale and is undergoing continuous development in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, and quality. The third product generation was recently launched on the market and is available in different versions.

In the pioneering book, “The Form of Success” (2019) by Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of Red Dot, four qualities of good design that an award-winning product must bring together are highlighted:

  • Quality of function: Which purpose does the product fulfill?
  • Quality of seduction: Does the product impress with regard to aesthetics?
  • Quality of use: Is the use of the product simple and self-explanatory?
  • Quality of responsibility: Is the product sustainable or long-lasting?

All of these qualities are present in the missim MK3 and reflect the high standards of the 40 international experts on the Red Dot judging panel.

Our product makes it possible for the user to independently and easily test complex self-protection system threat scenarios. The handy, comprehensive hardware and software solution considers the requirements of various user groups, such as the military, industrial partners, and crews. As a result of regular maintenance, software updates, and support, the product is sustainable and has already been in use for more than a decade.

“The award motivates us to continue developing innovative and high-quality products that meet our customers’ requirements and are both user-friendly and sustainable,” says Gregor Schedlbauer, missim® Portfolio Manager.

The official prize ceremony will take place on June 24, 2024, in the Red Dot Museum.

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