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Structural engineering

The structure of a system is exposed to enormous forces and consequently has a significant influence on its service life. Our engineers satisfy all your requirements in structural design with lean processes and with the help of state of-the-art software tools.

We are both experienced with using our own in house design principles but also working for large OEM projects using customer specific tools and methods.

Structural engineering – Timeline

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Our areas of competence

Complex Assemblies

Complex assemblies

Our team consists of specialists in complete project management, advancing a design from customer specifications through to full project maturity. Focusing on functionality and efficient manufacturing, we are committed to traceability and configuration management.
Modification, repair & analysis

Modification, repair and analysis

RUAG has full capabilities for modifications and repairs based on existing aircraft type certificates (TC) and supplemental type certificates (STC).

Aircraft structural integrity programs

As a long-standing, reliable partner of the Swiss Air Force, we play a vital role for maintaining the structural integrity of all platforms in their fleet.
Composite ply design

Composite ply design

Our expertise includes the design of composite plies or layers for all types of composite components. RUAG is specialized on applications including large space satellite fairings and aviation structural components with complex curvature geometries.
Ballistic protection design

Ballistic protection design

Armor plates for aviation applications are designed to optimize protection level to weight ratio using state-of-the-art technology. All components are designed to meet crash load and fire protection requirements.


Daniel Jucker
Sales Manager Engineering
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen


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