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Innovation Accelator Programm

Innovation Accelerator Program. Ideas for the security of tomorrow.

Innovation Accelerator Program

As a key and driving force, RUAG provides selected start-ups and small enterprises with an innovation platform with a strong academic link, technical know-how and an established business network. Together, we develop innovative ideas to increase the security of Switzerland.

By involving start-ups and small enterprises in selected initiatives, RUAG succeeds in rolling innovations out more quickly and securing critical technologies in the long term. Innovation platform partners benefit from our infrastructure and our extensive know-how. In a protected environment with a secure workspace, we work together to develop new value propositions and innovations. Furthermore, our partners can rely on the RUAG development and production infrastructure, including implementation and professional support from our experts.

Our initiatives


DDPS goes green

This initiative addresses the issue of CO2 reduction. The aim is to provide Switzerland and our main customer, the Swiss Armed Forces, with technological and technical support in achieving this goal.

Digitization of the Armed Forces

The world is constantly changing and so are the tasks and missions of the Swiss Armed Forces. To enhance the operational readiness and effectiveness of the systems deployed, we develop digital tools and services.

Cyber security

Digitization increases the risk of cyber attacks on strategic and critical systems. These attacks are a very serious threat. The technological development of digital protection and defensive measures is therefore a fundamental aspect of our work.

Customer benefit

Members of the Swiss Security Network, such as the DDPS, the cantons, as well as private firms with critical infrastructures, can involve small firms and test new technologies quickly and easily via our innovation platform. Within the framework of strictly regulated procurement projects, this would not be possible or only with great difficulty. Start-ups are therefore given the opportunity to integrate and industrialize their innovations.

Current batch

The second batch of the Accelerator program will be carried out within the framework of the focus areas VBS goes Green and topics related to the digitization of the armed forces.

Forthcoming batches


Batch 4-22

Start September 2022 / registrations closed

Batch 5-23

Start march 2023 / registrations closed

Batch 6-23

Start September 2023 / registration open

Batch 7-24

Start March 2024

Batch 8-24

Start September 2024

Batch 9-25

Start March 2025

Project application form

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Our focal points

We are looking for specific contributions to the following megatrends


Cyber Bedrohung

Cyber threats




Climate change

KI, Machine Learning

AI systems, robotics and automation


    Your ideas and technologies can also contribute to detecting, preventing and/or taking action against the threats facing Switzerland. The following list of threats is not exhaustive:

    • Hybrid conflict
    • Cyber attack
    • Terrorism
    • (Industrial) accident and /or hazard
    • Natural catastrophe
    • Pandemic
    • Global warming

    We are also looking for new technologies to help the Swiss Armed Forces and the security organizations in Switzerland:


    to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and environmental pollution


    to digitize processes and make them more efficient


    to upgrade cyber defense

    The following new technologies are of interest to the Accelerator Program (list not exhaustive):

    • VR/AR
    • Digitization of logistics (RF-ID, LPWAN, etc.)
    • Mobile applications and web technologies
    • Additive manufacture
    • Unmanned aerial vehicles, robots (cobots) and autonomous systems
    • Clean technologies / green technologies / alternative fuels
    • Deep learning, big data and AI-based systems
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Bio / chemical sensors
    • IOT / 5G / LPWAN

    dOWNLOAD Presentations Innovation Forum held on July 6, 2021

    Circular Industries PDF
    Synhelion PDF
    Cross-ING PDF
    Arktis PDF
    Dr.-Ing. Ralf Heynicke PDF
    Pascal Gaggero


    Pascal Gaggero
    Head Venture Unit
    Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
    Aarbergstrasse 46
    2503 Biel/Bienne

    Questions and answers about the Innovation Accelerator Program

    I have an idea that could contribute to increasing security in Switzerland, but the area or theme is not covered in the specifications.

    No problem, the RUAG Accelerator Program has an open innovation mindset, so please apply!

    I do not work in a start-up but in a large company. Can I participate all the same?

    Yes, we do not restrict the program to start-ups. Nevertheless, it is important to have the mindset of a start-up. So if you are part of an innovation group or an intrapreneur, please apply!

    My start-up is not located in Switzerland. Can I nevertheless apply to the program?

    Yes, we are open to international start-ups. (Some restrictions may apply, depending on the framework conditions)

    I am a student and I have a great idea. Can I participate?

    Yes, we are happy to support student projects (BSc, MSc, PhD)!*

    We are a laboratory at an engineering school. Our technologies could contribute to greater security – can we also participate in the program?

    Yes, the Accelerator Program can provide schools and recognized (not-for-profit) R&D facilities with support in the form of a direct industrial project.*

    We are an engineering office and we think that we have a valuable idea. Our hours must nevertheless be paid – is there a solution?

    For engineering offices, exceptions can be made to cover the engineering hours. This is limited to SMEs.*

    We are a pre-seed funding start-up – does the Accelerator Program cover our costs?

    Yes, we make exceptions for start-ups in the early phase in order to cover material costs. In this case, engineering hours are not, however, covered.**


    *In the event of the launch (partial or total) of the engineering time, IP rights for the project are wholly owned by RUAG.

    ** Material purchased by RUAG remains the property of RUAG even after the project.