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RUAG Accelerator Program. Promoting solutions for the security of tomorrow.

RUAG Accelerator Program. Promoting solutions for the security of tomorrow.

Innovation Accelerator Program

The RUAG Accelerator Program is designed to help innovative start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to enter the Swiss security and defence market. This market has many hurdles that are difficult to overcome alone. Thanks to RUAG's network and expertise, the program makes it easier to open up the market. The aim is to jointly develop and validate services and products tailored to our customers in order to lay the foundations for future and long-term collaboration.

RUAG's main customers include members of the Swiss Security Network, such as the DDPS, the Swiss Armed Forces, police forces and municipal and cantonal authorities. All of these organisations are linked by complex procurement processes that make it difficult for them to interact with start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, for most of our customers who still want to benefit from the latest developments in the world of start-ups and research, it is interesting to go through an established and recognised provider like RUAG.

With the RUAG Accelerator Program, we act as an enabler for our customers and start-ups and help them achieve their strategic goals for the future. We are convinced that our approach will make a significant and sustainable contribution to sovereign security in Switzerland.

Our initiatives

Sovereignty and energy

This initiative is dedicated to improving Switzerland's long-term energy sovereignty and self-sufficiency. In particular, we are striving for solutions from energy production to energy storage that enable the fulfillment of missions at any time and under different operating conditions while reducing CO2 emissions.

Digitalization and cyber security

The use of communication technologies and mastery of the electromagnetic sphere not only provide our customers with tactical advantages, but also enable them to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by changing their processes. We are looking for solutions that enable digitalization but also protect against attacks in this area of operations.

Autonomous systems and robotization

Recent conflicts have definitively promoted the use of (semi)-autonomous systems, making them an indispensable part of a modern army. We are looking not only for drones (air or ground), but also for all associated technologies linked to their use, as well as defense against adversary autonomous systems.

Past batch participants








  • Upcoming batches

Each batch lasts three months and represents an initial phase of collaboration. At the end of this phase, each project has the opportunity to pitch for further collaboration to an internal RUAG jury. This is made up of managers from all divisions of the company. The aim of the exercise is to convince a member of the jury to sponsor and support the project.


Batch 7-24

Start March 2024 / applications open

Batch 8-24

Start September 2024

Batch 9-25

Start March 2025

Win the RUAG Startup Innovation Award

During the annual RUAG Innovation Forum, selected start-ups from the current year are given the opportunity to compete against each other. The winner is determined by the forum audience in a pitch event. The trophy of the "RUAG Startup Innovation Award" is presented by the CEO of RUAG.

Gewinne den RUAG Startup Innovation Award
The 2023 prize was handed over personally by Co-CEO a.i. of RUAG Christian Priller (left) to the CEO of Sharekey Hervé Blanc (right).

Project application form

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Our focal points

We are looking for specific contributions to the following megatrends



Cyber threats & Digitization


Climate change

KI, Machine Learning

AI systems, robotics and automation


  • Autonomous systems (drones, robots, cobots, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (deep learning, big data, machine learning, etc.)
  • VR & AR
  • Sensors (optical, electromagnetic, biological, chemical, etc.)
  • IoT, 5G, LPWAN, RFID, ...
  • Mobile & Web Applications
  • Green technologies & alternative fuels


Field applications:

  • Data collection, transmission and use
  • Tactical communication
  • Command and control systems and situational awareness
  • Mission and process automation
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Effect against ground and air targets
  • Operational mobility and safety
  • Disaster management
  • Detection, identification and disablement of airborne and ground-based drones
  • Cyber security
  • Reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Orbital and space-based sensors
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy management and storage
  • Logistics and intra
Pascal Gaggero


Pascal Gaggero

Head Venture Unit

+41 58 485 56 23

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne
Aarbergstrasse 46
2503 Biel/Bienne

Questions and answers about the Innovation Accelerator Program

I have an idea that could contribute to increasing security in Switzerland, but the area or theme is not covered in the specifications.

No problem, the RUAG Accelerator Program has an open innovation mindset, so please apply!

I do not work in a start-up but in a large company. Can I participate all the same?

Yes, we do not restrict the program to start-ups. Nevertheless, it is important to have the mindset of a start-up. So if you are part of an innovation group or an intrapreneur, please apply!

My start-up is not located in Switzerland. Can I nevertheless apply to the program?

Yes, we are open to international start-ups. (Some restrictions may apply, depending on the framework conditions)

I am a student and I have a great idea. Can I participate?

Yes, we are happy to support student projects (BSc, MSc, PhD)!*

We are a laboratory at an engineering school. Our technologies could contribute to greater security – can we also participate in the program?

Yes, the Accelerator Program can provide schools and recognized (not-for-profit) R&D facilities with support in the form of a direct industrial project.*

We are an engineering office and we think that we have a valuable idea. Our hours must nevertheless be paid – is there a solution?

For engineering offices, exceptions can be made to cover the engineering hours. This is limited to SMEs.*

We are a pre-seed funding start-up – does the Accelerator Program cover our costs?

No, only the purchase of equipment or the production of a pilot or prototype is covered**.


*In the case of partial or full coverage of engineering time, RUAG retains full ownership of the project's intellectual property rights.

** Material purchased by RUAG remains the property of RUAG even after the project.