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Reliable weapons repair shop

In an emergency, police and security organizations depend on precise, reliably functioning handguns and small arms that meet the highest standards.

In the RUAG weapons workshop, we take expert care of handguns and small arms. We ensure that they are always ready for use and function perfectly. We offer direct customer contact for specialist dealers and authorities, short lead times and professional packaging and shipping.

Your comprehensive weapons service

Versatile and reliable

With our wide-ranging offer of services, we are your reliable partner for weapons services.

Direct customer contact

Your wishes are at the heart of our concerns: We provide you with professional and precise advice.

Quick results

With quick lead times, your weapon is returned to you quickly, either in person or by post.

Our offer includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the weapon
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Spare part procurement
  • Calibration of sights and lenses
  • Function firing, including positive pressure firing
  • Individual adjustments
  • System inspection for cracks and damage
  • Function and wear control
Portrait Urs Kräuchi


Urs Kräuchi

Team Lead Mechanik & Hydraulik

Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun