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Tailor-made communications solutions with high cost efficiency

Military operations are becoming increasingly complex. Not least because of the different communication systems and technologies as well as the applications that are used. We have set ourselves the goal of ensuring maximum interoperability even for demanding missions. Our tactical communication solutions can be cost-efficiently adapted to heterogeneous scenarios (networks and applications)
and integrated into existing communication infrastructures.

We can network different armed forces, organizations, systems and devices rapidly, securely and individually. All this is possible independently of technology, manufacturer and geographical requirements. Tailor-made communication solutions incorporate our combined knowledge as a long-standing system integrator with a high level of engineering and maintenance expertise. It makes no difference whether it is a standalone solution or integrated system infrastructure.


Customized tactical communication solutions

↗ seamless networking
↗ maximum interoperability
↗ quick and secure communication

Efficient Solution Engineering

↗ high integration and maintenance competence
↗ independent technology partner
↗ cost-effective scaling solutions



Stefan Bauer

Product Manager

+41 58 48 57102

Schaffhauserstrasse 580
8052 Zürich