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Projects and theses

Would you like to work on your academic project, your bachelor or master thesis in cooperation with a future-oriented practical partner and research truly relevant topics? Learn more about working together.

Our field of activity includes many topics that are extremely well suited for projects and theses in the STEM disciplines or that can be researched against a social science background. From agility, organizational forms and digital transformation to software and hardware systems and innovation: The topics you can investigate at RUAG are countless.




Holistic and personal support

We will help you investigate a practical and empirically relevant issue. We will provide you with access to the people you need (e.g. for interviews, surveys, observations, focus groups, etc.) and we will advise you on any topic.

Fascinating professional fields

We offer unique fields that lead to exciting and novel questions that can be examined from the perspective of many different fields of study.


Get to know our specialists, take advantage of our expertise, and optimally combine it with your know-how and methodological skills from your studies.
Diana als Testimonial
« During my Bachelor's thesis on the topic 'Analysis and improvement of the current candidate experience in RUAG Ltd', my superiors and the entire HR department supported me. This enabled me to achieve results that had a direct benefit in my working environment. »
Diana, HR Business Analyst
Hans als Testimonial
« I received a lot of support from my employer when I was working on my thesis on the subject of 'Optimizing personnel recruitment at RUAG'. I experienced the content-related discussion as instructive and exciting, and I was able to benefit significantly from the expertise of my colleagues in Human Resources. »
Hans, Deputy Team Leader Logistics Project Planning


The following disciplines are particularly well suited for projects and theses:

  • Mathematics
  • (Business) informatics
  • Natural sciences
  • Technology
  • Applied psychology
  • Business administration

If you have a different academic background, please use the contact form below to tell us how you picture combining theory and practice at RUAG. We will be happy to review your inquiry.



  1. You have an idea of the topic you would like to research and the goals you would like to achieve.
  2. You fill out the contact form below.
  3. We will clarify our needs and contact you with feedback and/or further questions.
  4. If we decide to work together, we will discuss by phone or in person what we expect and want from each other and define a practice-relevant and exciting topic. We will also define the individual framework conditions such as the start date, duration of the cooperation, milestones, access to data and any required personal security checks that may be required.



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Study at a university (FH, HF, Uni)


Motivation to implement and deepen the theoretically acquired knowledge in practice


Independent way of working


Approximate idea of the topic and objectives


Interest in a security-related environment


Fields marked with * are required.
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Innovation Award Biel

RUAG Innovation Award

Award for theses related to the security and sovereignty of Switzerland.

Further information on the award

Your contact person

If you have questions or uncertainties regarding starting possibilities, please contact Debora.

Debora Saracino


Debora Saracino
Employer Branding Specialist
Stauffacherstrasse 65
3000 Bern