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RUAG Innovation Award

For sovereign security – Security and stability are among Switzerland’s greatest achievements. Security is the basis for carrying Switzerland's success into the future. That is why we encourage young talents to explore practice-relevant issues from a scientific standpoint before rewarding outstanding final papers – dealing with security and sovereignty of Switzerland – with the RUAG Innovation Award.


For us, teaching and training young specialists how to ensure security in Switzerland means taking on socio-political responsibility and working together to ensure sovereign security in Switzerland as well as for our future. In order to recognize scientifically sound exploration of issues by students, we will be awarding the first RUAG Innovation Award starting in fall 2022. In cooperation with nine universities (of Applied Sciences) in Switzerland, the best final theses of their technical study programs will be determined, with one winner being chosen for each university. Their commitment will be rewarded with a prize of 1,000 Swiss francs.

Partner universities

During the conception phase of the RUAG Innovation Award, RUAG reached out to various Swiss universities (of Applied Sciences) that have, among other things, a technical orientation. The universities that decided to take part in the RUAG Innovation Award are listed as partner universities below. They will independently determine which of their technical study programs are suitable for the RUAG Innovation Award.


The universities are responsible for putting together an expert jury made up of a variety of lecturers. The juries will evaluate final papers from the participating programs, which will deal with the topic of security and sovereignty in Switzerland, based on defined evaluation criteria. The juries alone are responsible for choosing the best final paper of each university. RUAG will then be informed about the winners and notified about the possibility of presenting the RUAG Innovation Award. The chronological sequence of the evaluation process and therefore the time and date of the award ceremony may differ depending on the university.

Evaluation criteria

In addition to academic excellence, the juries will focus on the degree of innovation, societal relevance and practical feasibility of the final papers. These areas can be divided into the following evaluation criteria, which form the basis for evaluating the final papers across all the universities:


Thematic focus: Security and sovereignty in Switzerland


Creativity and innovative value


Societal relevance


Quality and working methods


Practical feasibility

Innovation Award Supsi
: Marco De Piaz, Winner of the RUAG Innovation Award at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Mechanical engineering, 26.11.2022
Innovation Award Arc
Luca Davide Meyer, Winner of the RUAG Innovation Award at the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie, Software Development and Multimedia, 09.11.2022
Innovation Award Biel
Martin Pichonnat and Wiktor Palgan, Winners of the RUAG Innovation Award at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering and Computer Science, 23.09.2022


In the context of the RUAG Innovation Award, RUAG is not permitted to examine the final papers or excerpts thereof without the express consent of the authors. The authors hold the exclusive right to their respective writings. Therefore, no data will be disclosed to third parties as a result of participating in the RUAG Innovation Award and cooperating with RUAG.

How can a UNIVERSITY (OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Become a partner?

We will be pleased to provide information about this. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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