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RUAG Security Event successfully executed

Recently, the second RUAG Security Event took place at the Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel. During the event, we held specialist presentations to provide our customers from the DDPS and from other Swiss security organizations with comprehensive information about our projects on the topic of “Leadership in all situations - today and in the future.”

Like last year, defense customers (DDPS, BABS, armasuisse), police forces and other security organizations were able to assess our ongoing product developments on the topic of “Leadership in all situations - today and in the future” for sovereign security. We engaged in direct dialog with our partners and customers to discuss their needs and the challenges ahead. 

Those who attended the event also benefited from the keynote speakers.  Division Commander Lucas Caduff (Comd Ter Div 3) and Norman Gobbi (Government Councillor) shed light on the fictional “ODESCALCHI crisis scenario from different perspectives. Division Commander Lucas Caduff placed an emphasis on planning and directing operations with security union partners. With Government Councillor Norman Gobbi, a bridge was built to the Swiss security union. Both speakers emphasized the importance of standardized communication and situational awareness systems and count on RUAG's support.

The event was followed by an exhibition where the topics of “Digital Situation Reporting,” “Seamless Networking and Secure Communications in Operations” and “Critical Operational Data in Real Time” were presented in a practical way. The crisis scenario described beforehand made it possible to demonstrate the benefits of our product developments.

The intense interaction between all the participants of the event was impressive and the goal of informing our partners about RUAG's products and services and initiating new collaborations was achieved.