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Consistent digitalization

Consistent digitalization is a central element of our corpo-rate strategy. As part of the strategic “RUAG-dDok” project, we are currently digitalizing our work instructions and manuals. It’s a project that our main client, the Swiss Armed Forces, especially benefits from.

With software from our partner Yonder, we are currently digitalizing internal documents of the Compliance Air area. The Swiss Armed Forces also benefit from these competencies. As part of the general staff course in Kriens in late June, we were able to provide training and show participants how to digitalize their documents step by step.

Digitalization as a service

After carrying out the pilot, we are planning further training sessions on the topic of digitalization for the Swiss Armed Forces. It is also our goal to support our main client with targeted services during the digitalization process. This also includes providing the necessary devices, including equipment and individual, pre-installed apps. We also ensure support services in case of technical issues. As an integrated technology partner, RUAG is there for the Swiss Armed Forces when it comes to digitalization.