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RUAG supports "Aare cleaning"

On Saturday, August 19, 2023 the annual "Aare cleaning" took place. The clubs Flusssurfen Thun and the Pachtverein Thun jointly organized the event and, with numerous helpers, cleared the Aare of garbage. RUAG Real Estate participated with a sponsoring contribution.

The Aare is a place of refreshment and recreation. To keep it that way, the clubs Flusssurfen Thun and Pachtverein Thun have made it their business to organize the annual "Aare cleaning". Together with the NEMO divers from Heimberg and volunteers, they dove in the river from the Mühleschleuse to the Kuhbrücke in downtown Thun for trash and objects such as bicycles, umbrellas and chairs in order to clean up the Aare sustainably.

The campaign helps to protect nature and the environment and to raise awareness among the population of the importance of clean waters.

RUAG Real Estate was particularly keen to support the campaign with a contribution as part of the "Tryber" construction project. On the RUAG site along the Aare, a new, mixed and sustainable quarter with a wide variety of uses is being created in the form of "Tryber". With apartments, businesses and services, the "Tryber" will be a meeting place.