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Achieve best performances with our automotive wind tunnel

The best performance requires the best preparation. The aerodynamic performance of race and production cars is validated and enhanced by RUAG's Wind Tunnels.

At the Automotive Wind Tunnel Emmen (AWTE), we support you with comprehensive vehicle testing at all development stages. Using prototypes or scaled models for maximum data accuracy, aerodynamic development is optimized through the evaluation of real-world effects within a controlled environment.

Wind Tunnel Characteristics


maximum speed 245 km/h
width 7 m
height 5 m
length 15 m


215 km/h 135 mph
2.45 m 8 ft
1.55 m 5 ft
3.8 m 12.5 ft

Your advantages at RUAG


Fitting Wind Tunnel Size

Dedicated facilities for full scale soling tests and model scale development tests with rolling road simulation.
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Close testing support

In-house support teams for instrumentation, mechanical and engineering tasks are immediately available during preparation and testing.


Advance technology allow for dedicated instrumentation suites, sophisticated measurement solutions and a realistic environmental test condition.


Andreas Hauser
Section Lead Aerodynamics
Schiltwaldstrasse 1
6032 Emmen


The Large Wind Tunnel Emmen (LWTE) accepts full-scale cars in its test section for performing water management tests. Water mixed with a fluorescent dye is injected upstream of the car. The test object is illuminated with multiple UV lamps and the distribution and flow of the water droplets is documented with video or still cameras. The functionality of windshield wipers and the soiling due to water droplets on the side window and the rearview mirror can thus be studied.

Automobil-Windkanal Audi inside
Wiper optimization and function test.
Automobil-Windkanal Verschmutzung
Rear view mirror development and side window investigations.

Race Car Development 

Scale models are used in the Automotive Wind Tunnel Emmen (AWTE) to develop and optimize the aerodynamics of cars competing in various race series such as LeMans, Formula 3, WTCC and others.

The AWTE and its infrastructure are especially adapted to automotive testing with models up to 50% scale. Standard equipment includes a moving belt, a multi-axis model manipulator and a model shaker for dynamic motion testing. Forces and moments are acquired with our internal 6-component block balances. Our customers rely on our proven competence and flexibility, as well as our infrastructure, kept up to date constantly, to allow efficient test campaigns.


Automobil-Windkanal racing
Belt system für representative ground effect measurements.

Scaled Production Car Development

The AWTE and its infrastructure are especially adapted to foam and clay automotive testing with models up to 50% scale. A workshop with the necessary tools and jigs is available for our customers.


Would you like to learn more about our services? Here, you can download various additional information.

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