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Total system life-cycle support

During a systems service life, comprehensive product and service support is essential. With our broad portfolio of capabilities and ratings, we are able to best support your needs.

Our ratings include military platforms such as F/A-18, F-5, PC-6/7/9, Super Puma / Cougar, EC-635, ADS-15 as well as civil aircraft ranging from Twin Otter, Falcon 900ex to Cessna Excel and Super King-Air. Services include OSTR (overall system technical responsibility), MRO services as well as engineering and upgrade solutions.

Overview of our platform / service matrix

LCM platforms overview
F-5 & F/A-18

F-5 and F/A-18

  • MRO on/off A/C
  • Engineering & OSTR role (Overall system technical responsible)
  • Upgrades & programs
  • Factory test flight & flight line operations
  • Troubleshooting, training and support
  • Logistics support/supply chain
Capability Booklet Fighter Jet Services PDF


  • MRO of Sidewinder AIM-9X, 9P 4/5 and AMRAAM AIM-120, Launcher and Pylons
  • Troubleshooting, training and support
  • Modifications and programs
  • Logistics support/supply chain
Super Puma / Cougar

Super Puma / Cougar

  • Line maintenance, troubleshooting, periodic and major inspections
  • Incorporation of modifications or customized modernization programs
  • Airframe repair and rebuilding, including painting
  • Depot level engine and dynamic component repair and overhaul, including all test capabilities
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Training and consulting according to specific customer needs
Capability Booklet Super Puma PDF
EC-635 / H135/M


  • Authorized service center
  • Airframe services
  • Structural repair solution, sheet metal as well
    as composite
  • Engine services (only military certified)
  • Component MRO services
  • Cockpit- & cabin upgrade programs
Capability Booklet Helicopter Services PDF
PC-6 / PC-7 / PC-9


  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul services such airframe, turbine engine, propeller, fuel control unit, engine accessories, landing gear, avionics, survial equipment
  • Engineering services / cockpit upgrades such as avionics, electrical, structure integration, testing, structural integrity analysis, damage investigations, certification services
  • Maintenance check flights
Propeller Cap. Booklet pdf
Continuous airworthiness management operations (CAMO)

Continuous airworthiness management operations (CAMO)

RUAG provides reliable CAMO work for selected civil government aircraft operated by the Swiss Air Force and acts as coordinator with Part 145 organizations

  • Falcon 900EX
  • Twin Otter
  • Super King-Air
  • Cessna Excel
UAV (ADS-15)

UAV (ADS-15)

RUAG is providing various system and life-cycle support services as subcontractor of the OEM who bears the overall system responsibility.

  • Trouble shooting and failure analysis
  • Field service and repair
  • Engineering support
  • Life cycle management support
  • Logistics support
F404, J-85-GE21, PW206, Makila 1A1 engine services

F404, J-85-GE21, PW206, Makila 1A1 engine services

  • Engines, modules, accessories and components
  • Parts repairs
  • Engine, accessories and component testing
  • Parts refurbishment
  • Engine maintenance
  • Test run
System / subsystem / component level maintenance, repair and overhaul (O-/I-/D-level)

System / subsystem / component level maintenance, repair and overhaul (O-/I-/D-level)

  • Landing gears
  • Avionics & software
  • Communication & navigation systems
  • Ejection seat
  • Flight actuators
  • Gear boxes
  • Ground support equipment
  • Harnesses
  • Radar & sensors
  • Rescue hoist
Factory flight test

Factory flight test

  • Functional check flights (maintenance, troubleshooting) for Swiss Airforce (SAF)
    and civil customers
  • Acceptance-/production flight testing (civil helicopters)
  • Ferry flights on behalf of SAF
  • Flight instructor (HO,F5, P7)
  • Sim instructor AS 332
  • Engineering flight testing (EASA Cat 2+4)