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High-quality assemblies and replacement parts

If high-quality replacement parts can be supplied quickly and seamlessly, this safeguards system availability and, consequently, the deployment capability of armed forces. As a logistics partner to the Swiss Land Forces, RUAG has access to a huge selection of first-class spare parts.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our customers by meeting the requirements as specified. Due to our extensive stock and smooth collaborations with our partners, your requests can be implemented quickly.

We are your partner for assemblies and replacement parts

Large selection

We have an extensive selection of high-quality replacement parts for the military sector.

Rapid implementation

Thanks to our partners and our extensive stock, we are fast and flexible in the implementation of your needs.

Personalized advice

To meet your individual needs, we will always be at your disposal for a personal consultation.


André Müller

BID Manager

+41 58 484 16 86

Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun



The 12V 100AH lead-acid battery is rechargeable and can guarantee against deep discharge. The battery can be implemented independently of position in military vehicle, is extremely cycle-resistant and vibration-resistant, and boasts minimal self-discharge.
Fahrwerk und Antrieb. Mann arbeitet an Fahrwerken von DURO

Chassis and Driveline

For our chassis and drive systems, we offer chain protection for various tracked vehicles, as well as vehicle-specific shock absorbers for different wheeled and tracked vehicles.
Hydraulik. Überprüfung eines Hydrauliksystems


Our height-control cylinders guarantee exact height control for gun position, almost entirely free of play, with ventilation and measuring connectivity. We provide new metric hydraulic assemblies in the area of pipe and hose line sets.
Leopard Optik


Our optics include exterior mirrors for combat vehicles with robust reflective bodies manufactured from sheet steel. In addition, we offer periscopes that can be supplied with laser protection, seals, forehead padding and blackout flaps.
Integration Kleinshelter Produktionsstrasse


Ceiling lights can be used to light up your military vehicles from the inside. We also offer versatile LED lighting products that can be used for crew compartment lighting or as reading lights, for example. Gooseneck lamps are the ideal companion for medical uses, used as reading and surgical lights.
Leopard Optik und Bewaffnung

Turret and Weapon Systems

The hydrostatic radial piston engine is used in the Leopard 1 and M109 weapons systems. Additional equipment we can provide for armored and unarmored vehicles includes our smoke discharging system.
Spare Parts Sourcing & Logistics Services

Transport container

Transport and storage containers with inserted knob cushioning as per VG 95614 are both impervious to steam and reusable.


André Müller

BID Manager

+41 58 484 16 86

Allmendstrasse 86
3602 Thun