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Upgrades for improved performance and longer service life

Air forces and civilian task forces need state-of-the-art aircraft and helicopters - this is the only way to carry out successful missions. With tailor-made upgrades we increase the performance of air systems and ensure the longest possible service life.

Emergency forces can only successfully carry out their demanding missions with modern equipped air system. Upgrades are becoming increasingly important, especially for institutional customers, because in the face of scarce public funds, aircraft and helicopters often remain in service longer than initially planned when they were purchased. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of upgrades.

Our services - Your advantages

Improved performance, longer service life

With our cockpit upgrades you not only increase the performance of your system - you also extend its service life.

Modern and digital

We equip your system with modern, digital solutions so that you can carry out your missions successfully.

Comprehensive services

From cockpit and navigation systems upgrades to retrofitting of DVE systems: we are your competent partner.

Our service offer

RUAG equips various helicopter types with modern, digital glass cockpits including flight management and GPS navigation systems. We have experience with the integration of a broad range of systems and devices. We also perform the retrofitting of so-called DVE systems (Degraded Visual Environment), which ensure safer helicopter flying in poor visibility conditions.


Radio systems

Flawless radio systems are important for a successful mission. We are your expert in integrating radio systems for police radio as well as crypto and satellite telephony
Cockpit-Upgrade - Subsystems

Flight data recorders

An important part of helicopter avionics are devices for recording flight data. We have many years of experience in their integration.
Pilatus PC-6 Cockpit

Anti-collision warning systems

We contribute to cockpit safety by integrating anti-collision warning systems. They are designed to warn of potential collision threats.

Forward Looking Infrared

Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) are mounted on the outside of the helicopter and are used to locate missing persons or secure perimeters.

Helmet Mounted Displays

Visual cues are projected on a helmet-mounted display so that important flight data such as spatial awareness or obstacles are directly visible.
Pilatus PC-6 Cockpit


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