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Always a reliable partner

The Business Area GROUND is responsible for maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as modification and life cycle extension of all ground-based systems. Expertise and reliability make two of our current projects stand out.

RUAG has been the most important supplier as part of the extension of use of the CV9030 armored infantry fighting vehicles (“Nutzungsverlängerung Schützenpanzer 2000”) for two years now. The services provided by RUAG include measures to extend the use of 186 CV9030 tracked vehicles in four different configurations. In addition, we are establishing a material competence center. The aim is to make the armored infantry fighting vehicles usable until 2040. In particular, the team replaces assemblies that can no longer be maintained and equips the vehicles with an active chassis.

In 2022, work was in full swing. Despite the problems with the supply of materials such as electronics and cables as well as manufacturing components or simple screws, we already handed over the first vehicles to the customer. This handover was possible largely thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our employees who worked overtime and Saturdays. At the end of 2022, the production series of more than 180 vehicles at the Thun site was initiated. A motivated crew is excited to finish this project by 2025.

As soon as it was decided in 2021 that the project to extend the use of the CV9030 armored infantry fighting vehicles would start at the Thun site in 2022, a new assembly site had to be found for the “Duro disassembly” project because of the limited space capacity. The Mowag Duro is an off-road unarmored or armored military transport vehicle. The solution was obvious: The necessary infrastructure was already available at the RUAG site in Zweisimmen.

RUAG started a lean management project to be optimally prepared for the relocation. At the end of 2021, the employees in Zweisimmen carried out the first Duro sample disassemblies. Thanks to their outstanding contribution, the necessary rhythm was found quickly and, in 2022, the transition to normal operations took place. With great motivation and team spirit, they were able to maintain the required pace and establish this important project for the Zweisimmen site.

Hofstetter Philipp


What is the purpose of the universal gear unit test bench?

The new universal gear unit test bench (UGPS) was constructed to replace our old testing infrastructure and is equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to the new centralized test facility, we can ensure our core competencies in the areas of service, repair and maintenance of military gear units in the long term, thus following the strategic
direction of the owner. By eliminating combustion engines as drive units, we are also helping to reduce noise and exhaust emissions and provide our employees with a best-of-class test bench.

Why was the construction of the UGPS important for RUAG?

The new building is key for RUAG to be able to part with the old test benches and conduct tests centrally in the test facility in the future. In addition, the new technology enables us to work more efficiently. I am particularly proud of the entire project team and the collaborative and solution-oriented cooperation. With the implementation of this project,
we proved that we are able to think in an interdisciplinary way, learn from our mistakes and work together for the future of RUAG. I would like to thank everyone who was involved for their exemplary contributions and their commitment.

What does the new gear unit test bench mean for our future?

With the construction of the new gear unit test bench, we have achieved our first milestone in the replacement of the thermodynamics test benches. We will now continue to pursue this path in an agile manner so that we are prepared for large projects in the future. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the sovereign security of Switzerland.