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Clear values and principles: our Code of Conduct

RUAG is committed to the sustainable expansion of its market positions. The basis for this is an excellent reputation. Clear values and principles determine our daily thoughts and actions.

We maintain relationships of integrity and partnership with customers and business partners. For RUAG, business relationships are based on trust, integrity and mutual respect. Neglecting or disregarding these basic rules in favour of business success is therefore contrary to our corporate culture.


The brand values: How we are

More about the RUAG brand

The pursuit of the highest quality, uncompromising customer and service orientation and constant further development form the common foundation on which we operate in our dealings with each other and with all stakeholders, combined with a sense of responsibility, open communication, fairness and respect for people and the environment

RUAG's code of conduct helps us to maintain the clear values and principles to which we are committed - both within the company itself and towards customers, business partners, suppliers, society, politicians, authorities and, last but not least, our shareholder, the Swiss Confederation. 

Our credibility is founded on the Code. It shapes our good public reputation and thus also helps to ensure our long-term economic success.


Code of Conduct: our 10 Golden Rules

The RUAG Code of Conduct is an essential part of our daily actions. The focus lies on our 10 Golden Rules to which we are committed. As such, we at RUAG act in a professional, solution-oriented and responsible manner. We create trust and justify the trust placed in us. We keep our word – we say what we do and we do what we say. And we achieve competitive success through effort, competency, quality and innovation – always for the long-term and sustainably.

Code of Conduct pdf (10.4 MB)
Code of conduct for business partners pdf (244.2 KB)