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RUAG wins German Bundeswehr “Multinational Interoperable Radio Connection Point” contract

RUAG has won an order as part of an “immediate operational requirement initiative” and is supplying 55 interoperable communications solutions based on the Tactical Access Node (TAN) device type to the German Bundeswehr.

With RUAG’s "Multinational Interoperable Radio Connection Point", the German Bundeswehr will be able to ensure technically flawless cooperation in the future with participating nations during missions and thus make a significant contribution to security. The systems offered by RUAG, the core of which is a RUAG Tactical Access Node (TAN), transmit interoperable, secure voice and data communications and are intended for both highly mobile and stationary use.

RUAG’s TAN is a field-proven solution and has demonstrated its functionalities in various fields of application already. Embedded in special containers that are designed for operation, transport and storage, the TAN ensures communication between various radio and data systems. A total of 55 TANs are supplied, each with three receptacles for radios to be connected and three antenna systems. This provides a modular, robust, and highly mobile solution for all German Bundeswehr operational scenarios, similar to the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania, where RUAG’s TAN has been deployed since 2017 already.

With this contract, RUAG is making an important contribution to ensuring interoperable communications for the German Bundeswehr and its partners - both in national and multinational operations.


For more information on RUAG, please contact Kirsten Hammerich, Senior Media Relations Manager, / Tel. + 41 79 770 81 18.

For more information about the product, please contact Michael Bigler, Business Unit Leiter Engineering Ground, / Tel. +41 79 211 85 63