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New heating center officially opened

On April 4, Energie Wasser Luzern (ewl) opened its new heating center at the RUAG site in Emmen. When completed, ewl currently expects annual heat sales of around 22 gigawatt hours. This corresponds to the heating requirements of around 2,200 four-person households. This will save a total of around 4,600 tons of CO2 per year in the region.

Matthias Hauswirth, Chief Real Estate Officer, sees the new building as a milestone for RUAG: "The building lease to Fernwärme Luzern AG and the completion of this heating center are the prerequisites for RUAG's major ecological step - namely connection to the district heating network from the 2023/24 heating season. For RUAG, this will result in a reduction of around 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year".

After the start of construction in February 2022, delivery problems in the wake of the Ukraine war caused delays and uncertainties. The fact that the project was completed on schedule is thanks to the great commitment of all those involved and the good cooperation. The exchange between the planning team, construction companies and RUAG Real Estate as the building lease provider was very constructive, said Patrik Rust, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ewl, at the opening ceremony.

Matthias Hauswirth, Patrick Schnellmann und Patrick Rust
Matthias Hauswirth (Managing Director RUAG Real Estate), Patrick Schnellmann (Member of the Board of Directors of Fernwärme Luzern AG and Municipal Councillor Emmen) and Patrick Rust (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fernwärme)